Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Say What!?

Some people have said some pretty entertaining things to me about how I look, since becoming pregnant. I am going to share them with you...mainly because I do not want to forget them, and I seem to forget everything these days.

Ummm...what was a saying...?


Say What #1:
Some of you know that I teach college part time. This semester I have a strangest bunch of students. Stranger than ever before and I hope not to be repeated again. On the second day of class..SECOND day...this student comes up to me after class and we have the following conversation:
Strange student: You look just like my girlfriend

Me: ...Oh...really? Isn't it strange how people can look so similar?

SS: Yeah on the first day of class I couldn't stop thinking about how much you look like her.


SS: She's 6 feet tall though.

Me: Yep I am definitely not 6 feet tall.

SS: Yeah and she's skinny....and you're pregnant.

Say What #2
Josh and I went to lunch a couple weekends ago, actually this we right before "we" embarrassed "ourselves" at Babies R Us. Come to think of it, this may have been the very thing that kicked off my rage that day. Anyway, Josh and I were trying to figure out what to order when he announces he will be getting a personal pizza because he weighed himself that morning and miracle of miracles he lost 3 pounds. I promptly followed up with some choice words that rhyme with, "Duck Shoe!"
Who tells a pregnant lady who is growing larger E-V-E-R-Y day that he lost weight without even really trying!
In case you are wondering I got a personal sized pizza too and I did not share any of my leftovers with Josh. Wouldn't want to hurt his chances of loosing another 3 pounds, don't you know.

Say What #3
The day we found out what type of baby we were going to be enjoying, I was at work pre-appointment. The ladies I work with were trying to guess what I am cooking in there. I heard things like, "It's a boy, look how low her stomach is." <-- Not bad. "It's a boy, she hasn't gained any weight in her butt or legs." <--I promptly kissed this woman and I buy her lunch once a week and I am cleaning her house this weekend for the nice compliment! The kicker was what this other woman said. "It's a girl! Look how wide she is." <--I'm currently taking a "How to Make your Own Voo Doo Doll" class. I will report back with the results/outcome.

(Thank God He Didn't) Say What #4
Josh is really a great guy and I feel very lucky to have him in my life, pregnancy or not. He genuinely loves me and I know I am a lucky girl. He has been incredibly tolerant of all things pregnancy, the nausea, the sleeplessness, the moodiness...yes hard to believe I can be moody...etc. That being said, the other night he went out with some friends he has known for a very long, but does not get to see very often. While he was gone I made a small 8 inch one layer chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, all from scratch. (It's very yummy and I will be happy to share the recipe.)
When Josh was on his way home he called to see if I wanted some fries from my favorite restaurant in our neighborhood. (See, so sweet!) I told him no, but that I was on my way to bed and I made a cake it was in the fridge, help himself if he wanted some. Josh is not much for sweets.
On Sunday morning when I got up, I saw the cake in the fridge and thought to myself: I don't want to eat this all today and I don't want it to go bad. So I cut about 3/4 of it into individual slices and put them in their own container in the freezer. Leaving the remaining 1/4 in the fridge in the original pan.
Later that day I went to the grocery store and while I was putting everything away, I saw the cake in the fridge and realized what it looked like...like I had eaten 3/4 of a cake by myself in a 8 hour time span. So I said to Josh, "Just so you know I did not eat that cake. I cut it into pieces and put it in the freezer." Josh replied, "I wasn't going to ask. I don't know what goes on with those pregnancy cravings. If you feel like you want to eat that much cake...I just wasn't going to say anything." Then he pointed to my stomach and said, "I was wondering though if that was baby or cake in there."