Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day

We have not had a ton of snow in our area, but for someone who is not a winter person, we have had enough. 

The other day I was shoveling the driveway because I just needed to get the heck out of the house. Parker happily put on his new boots to stomp around in the snow as I shoveled.  He enjoys that crutch noise fresh snow makes. 

That is, he enjoys it for about 8 minutes until the cold sets in.  Our driveway is not that big, I think I had the whole thing done in 20 minutes, but in that time Pman decided the fun was over and opted to sit on the porch and cry until I finished. Very unproductive.

I understand his feelings though.  We are beach people, summer babies, happiest in our sandy bathing suits in the hot sun.  So the cold weather keeps us mostly inside.  Which leads (?) like this:

That is our washing machine.  He was pretending to be Oscar the Grouch and begged to sit in the laundry basket.
Thank God that famous groundhog in Pennsylvania did NOT see his shadow! Come on spring.