Friday, May 27, 2011


Confession: Josh and I joined a cult last weekend.

When I was in college I took a class in my final Fall semester called Broadcast Journalism, BJ class for short.  When those of us in BJ class would casually mention something to the affect of, "I have to go edit this piece for BJ class."  or  "I would love to join you for a drink, but I have an interview for BJ class."

The eyes of the people not enrolled in this class would bug out of their respective skulls.  "The college has a class for that?"

When we would reference the need to work on our package for BJ class, those not in the know would just fall right over in a state of shock- stunned that they had some how missed out on enrolling in this class.

Last Sunday, Josh and I took advantage of a BJ's,coupon for a free membership, we received in the mail.  Once again, BJ's is not what it seems to those of you gutter minded readers.  BJ's is a wholesale store similar to Costco and Sam's Club.  Generally speaking these are larger than life buildings full of everything legally sold in the United States. And I'm sure there are some illegal things available as well.

When I was growing up, my parents belonged to a similar store called Price Club.  They also had 4 active children in the house and a pool.  This means we had many (many) impromptu pool parties all summer, requiring our pantry to be fully stocked and ready to entertain always.

Josh and I do not have a pool and as of right now we only have 1 P who is fine consuming 2 bites of waffle, a quarter of a PB&J and 1 pepperoni from a slice of pizza for the day.  Josh is also intensely against all things memberships and warranties. 

I know whenever these things are presented to me, to just say, "No." 

So, armed with our free membership coupon we headed off into the depths of the mega super store to purchase items for a family party we are having in the next few weeks.  We arrived an hour before lunch time, thinking that was reasonable.  We no intentions of committing to the store past this trip to stock up for the party.
That is not how it turned out.We were there for nearly two hours.  Between Parker and I, we took 5 bathroom breaks and opened at least 4 items in our cart to nosh on in the store.  Josh, who did not partake in our cart buffet, was STARVING about half way through the trip.  He would not allow me to purchase anything perishable because he NEEDED to go out to lunch before we got home and did not want anything to spoil in the car. 

We did come away with a bag of veggie straws the size of Parker, a life time supply of Goldfish crackers that will likely become heirlooms in our family line and a scary amount of baked beans- scary amount.
After all that we still need to make another trip back to the overwhelming hellhole to purchase the party perishables.Thankfully, we left the store with full-fledged membership cards in our hands- yep Josh caved.  We are now officially members of the BJ club.