Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Christmas Story

Just before the Christmas holiday, I took the P's to see Santa.  I took them on a Monday afternoon to a mall about 3 hours from my house (on the way home from visiting my parents).

I had a feeling seeing Santa could go very south very quick and I didn't want to run the risk of seeing anyone I knew or being shunned from the local mall for life. 

On the way to the mall, CBL fell asleep in the car.  I took the opportunity to "coach" Pman on what to say.  I did not want him getting up there and asking for something I knew was not going to be delivered.

I suggested new train tracks.  He bought into the idea, which was great because I knew they had already been purchased.  Now, I just had to focus on keeping CBL in check during the visit.

As we parked the car she started waking up, but was still pretty sleepy as I strapped her in the stroller.  We rolled through the department store toward the mall and Pman started getting cold feet.

Huh, I did not see that coming.

There were two small families ahead of us, so we circled around Santa, and his spot, a bit to check it out.  We walked down to the fountain and talked about Santa.  Several times he said he did not want any presents anymore.

I had just about given up, but then I saw those horrible quarter rides.  You know the ones, for 25 cents your kid can sit in a "racecar"  as it rocks back and forth in a jerky motion.  I promised he could ride the car if he would sit on Santa's lap.

He finally agreed to sit on Santa's lap as long as I was close by.  CBL was still in some kind of stupefied slumber state, which is so unlike her.  I whisked her out of the stroller onto the old man's lap, propped Pman on the other knee.

Pman asked for train tracks.

CBL sat there.

Click, picture taken, $22 dollars paid.  No tears shed.  In lieu of the standard candy cane, this Santa was giving out mini versions of Highlights Magazines.

Later we met up with my mom and sister for lunch.  My mom asked Pman how the Santa visit went.  He replied, "Ok.  I asked him for train tracks and he gave me a magazine."

Here is the picture:

By lunch time CBL was awake enough to lob edamame beans and mostly chewed french fries across the restaurant at unsuspecting diners.  Ahhh, that's the CBL I know and love.