Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The End of an Era

Confession: I hate and I mean HATE purses. I even hate the word purse.  I also hate bubble baths and shoes with high heels.

I realize I may have to turn in my official "girl" card after such statements.

Rest assured I love pedicures, facials, twirly dresses and all things jewelry.

The other day Josh said, "God, I just wish you would carry a purse."

I had no idea he had such strong feelings about my lack of a purse. I'm not sure why I don't like them. Maybe it is committing to one accessory. I know I can have more than one purse and switch the contents as needed. But really, with my recent track record, I do not trust myself to do this efficiently. I also, REFUSE- REFUSE to spend more than $50 on a purse

I spent the better part of Sunday evening trying to find a sensible, practical and cute purse on the Vera Bradley/Target/Gap/Zappos/LLBean etc. website. Josh sat next to me on the couch as tears welled in my eyes and I picked up a pretty good wine buzz in lieu of a purse.

The search ended with me still purseless and stressed.

I took a brake on Monday.

Tuesday we went to see my best friend and her new baby. On the way home I passed through Annapolis, so I decided to give the purse hunt another go.

There is a stand at the mall with cute canvas bags in various sizes, colors, strap lengths, embroidery options and on and on and on. I thought I had one picked out, but I wanted to be sure. I told the lady I was going to take a swing through some other stores and come back to the kiosk by the pizza place and purchase a sensible purse.

When I swung back by, I started breaking out in a sweat. Seriously. I had to put my hair in a ponytail and the lady actually said, "Wow. This is really stressful for you."

We walked away- purseless.

P started screaming (inexplicably) like a maniac child. He does this when he feels like being a jerky boy. It's super fun for everyone involved- including the strangers at the mall.

When Josh got home from work, I grabbed a beer and my laptop and went to my room to do some necessary online purse shopping, again. Me vs. computer vs. purses.

One of my big issues is this monster, old lady wallet I have- it will not fit in any purse smaller than the size of a Jacuzzi bathtub- for two.

I settled on a black, white and brown hipster bag from Vera. I also purchased a normally sized wallet. Both on sale.

Big steps in the world of Nikki today. Big steps.