Monday, March 30, 2009

He Ain't No Lucky Charm (UPDATED)

On Saturday Josh had a rugby game in Virginia. When the games are that far away I do not go. Actually, I only go to the games if they are home games and the weather is perfect and I have NOTHING else to do.

In other words, I rarely go to these games.
But this is not about me. Who am I kidding, it's all about me.

Let's back up a bit- Josh was slated to go away for work this week from Monday through Thursday and then we were suppose to go see my sister, Megan sans Pmoney. Since Josh was going to be gone and Parker has a new found love for cupcakes I decided for make some for our upcoming Mommy and P-rock's quality time.

On Saturday afternoon, I was baking cupcakes and when I was half way through the phone rings and it's Josh. It was only 2 in the afternoon, which should have been the middle of the game, so this was odd. I answer and a very drugged up Josh was on the other end. It was hard to make out exactly what he was saying, but I could decipher that he was in the hospital and that one, possibly both, of his legs were in bad shape. Apparently he was tackled or something and his feet stayed in the muddy ground, but his legs went in another direction.

While he was in the hospital he was told not to eat or drink anything in case they had to do emergency surgery. After I got off the phone with him, I put the last batch of cupcakes in the oven- don't think I'm heartless, but what was I going to with a bowl of raw cake dough?

Then, I started lining up people to watch Pman and packing a bag for what I was sure was going to be an overnight hospital stay- in a hospital 2 hours from home.

After a lot of back and forth phone calls between me and a now profoundly drugged up Josh it was determined his left leg is ok. His right leg is jacked up, but not broken. We are now waiting for an appointment to get an MRI to see the extent of the damage.

At one point on Saturday night when he got home, at nearly 11, I asked him if I would have to help him out if he had a BM. He said he thought he could handle it. This was much to my relief, because as I told him, I love him and will help him out as much as I can, but I'm not sure our marriage is at that point yet.

Josh is on 3 different meds right now and between him and Parker, I'm not sure who is more difficult to care for. I say that, but actually Josh is doing a good job of trying to be as independent as possible. At one point yesterday I was taking out the trash, (a job usually reserved for Josh...) and Parker was crawling around while Josh was on the couch. Pfunk started heading toward Abby's food and all Josh could do was say, "No Parker." As if he knew Josh did not have a prayer in catching him, Parker gave a half smile and kept rolling toward the food.

As far as our trip sans Pman, that may be postponed. We will not know until we see the MRI. Also, as you will recall, back in the end of January/beginning of February Josh got in a car accident and totalled his car. After a LOOOONNNGG insane search we ended up buying him a VW Jetta- manual. I do not know how to drive a manual. My car is higher off the ground and probably would be easier for him to drive. However, if he takes my car, I'm totally stuck. We are in quite a pickle.

So after spending the ENTIRE day in the Santa Fe driving up and down the long boring road that is Route 4, we found out Josh will need surgery on his knee. The doctor even commented that this is one of the worst, if not the worst wiggly knee issue he has ever seen. Of course it is.

For anyone not paying attention here is how 2009 has been going for the Phillips family- well mainly Josh:
January: Josh totalled his car
February: Parker kicked out Josh's tooth
March: Josh blows out his knee
See a pattern?

While out we did go to a Thai place for lunch where Parker was showered with attention because of his sheer cuteness, which always make me feel a bit better. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at Josh for getting hurt, accidents happen. But how did I become a single mother of 2 in the matter of 1 weekend?