Friday, July 22, 2011

Mama's New (Old) Clothes

I have one rule after I birth a child.

The rule: No more maternity clothes after the baby has vacated my body.

I am very strict about this rule.  If it has a stretchy front belly panel or billows in any way around the abdominal area, it is banished to the pregnancy bin.  (It still remains to be seen when, if ever, this bin will be reopened.)

This means I spend most of my post pregnancy days in yoga pants and shirts that would otherwise be gym shirts, or ones that are at least larger than I care to admit.  I do have some pants that do not have an elastic waist band and still fit, but the digits, yes plural, on the tags of those pants do not make me smile.

I have taken my sit stand stroller out for a maiden voyage around the neighborhood and SBG seemed to be down for the ride.  The next day I took SBB and SBG BOTH, at the same time, by myself, out for a walk around the neighborhood and they both did well again.  So did I actually, it took about an hour, but there are lots of hills.  And I was pushing about 50 pounds of stroller and kids.

This is the only workout I am allowed to partake in at this time.  Around mid August, I should be given the all clear to run again.  At which point, I have high hopes that I will be able to fit into my normal clothes, post haste and quick! 

People are so kind, telling me how great I look, just two weeks out from delivery, but really I know what I look like and great is not the word to describe it.

I do not mean to sound like some kind of post pregnancy jelly belly martyr and at last check (although I did just eat a cookie) I am less than 20 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight. I also gained less weight with SBG than I did with SBB.  I just know how many miles on the treadmill are ahead of me and I am just itching to get started.

Right now, I am nursing (which I hear is suppose to help you lose baby weight, which I think is total crap) but I hate it, so I feel that may be coming to an end sooner rather than later.  SBG is a great nurser, I just hate it.  I also hate nursing bras.  I feel the same about breast pumps.

So, my maternity clothes are packed.  My post-pregnancy big girl clothes hang in my closet with my normal clothes on deck.  My ipod is charged and ready to roll.

Once I am given the all clear to run, I will celebrate by purchasing a new pair of running shoes
 that will help me get into my old clothes.