Thursday, June 19, 2008

T minus...? until baby time

After each doctors appointment I feel the need to share what happened in the office with all of you who read this blog...I say all, but really it is probably like 5...but whatever
Anyway, today 4 things happened that are noteworthy:

1. Triumph of all triumphs I lost 3 pounds. I know it seems odd, but I'm told it's normal and no biggie (especially considering what I am about to tell you). I'm not saying I mind the weight gain really, I mean I'm growing a person, there is bound to be some added poundage. However, I am seeing numbers on the scale I never thought I would see. I wouldn't mind seeing these same numbers in a different combination, but the combo I got going on right now it frankly depressing at best.

2. My blood pressure is elevated, which means I am back on serious bed rest putting an end to my workout routine, much to the dismay of Abby and myself. The fear is that my blood pressure, which has been very normal until today, will led to preeclamsia complications during delivery. She did mention though that I can still have sex with Josh to move things along. Apparently there is no danger of elevating my blood pressure there...sorry Josh. I will say, this is just a means to an end and is very different from any pre-pregnancy martial relations we had.

3 and 4 (Because there is no way to split these two up). Last week you may recall I was still 1.5 cm dilated and there was no effacement action. Well today I am nearly 4 cm dilated (you need to be 10 cm to begin pushing, but from what I understand you can get the epidural once you are in the 3 to 4 cm range) and I am 50% effaced.

I have big plans to get this epidural. The way I see it, no one is handing out $10,000 bills to women who squeeze the kid out without the help of an epidural. I also hear about women not getting one because they don't want to be in a drug induced state nor do they want their baby to be drugged up upon delivery. To them I say, "Why the hell not!?" This is a pretty traumatic situation for everyone involved and aside from the doctor who has to catch the slippery little sucker, everyone should be heavily medicated!

I still...yes STILL have to get the car seat securely in my car and I have yet to pack my hospital bag.

My mom bought Parker 2 pairs of socks. When I did his laundry last week, I washed all 4 socks and now I have 1 sock...individual...left. Good thing he is a summer baby and probably will not need socks within the first few days, so I have some time there.

I will keep you all as posted as I can between now and delivery time. My goal is to keep this blog going even after he comes (all you mommies out there, stop laughing). I know it will not be as easy as it is now, but it will still be possible.

All joking aside for a second, when I called Josh and my mom after the appointment to inform them of the new developments, I could not stop crying. It was not a nervous or scared cry. I am just so excited that after all the blogging, registering, emotion, anticipation etc. my little guy- this amazing person that is Josh and me- is about to be here, in this world, living, breathing, laughing.

P.S. Tomorrow is June 20, which is my sister, Lynsey's, 22nd Birthday. I think it would be beyond cool if Parker and Lynsey have the same birthday. Although, I have two other sisters and I guess there would be some pressure to have two more babies on each of their birthday's...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Told you so...

Just a quick update-
1. Still no baby and Josh conveniently caught a nasty cold, so my plans of attacking him to make this move a bit faster have been squashed for now. I am still working out like mad, although my mom has informed me that she is very busy at work this week and if I went into labor, it would not be good for her.

2. The crib is put together complete with dust ruffle and bumper. Parker's clothes and blankets have been washed and put away. I talked to him while I was doing this so he will know where everything goes when he is here, I'm not going to be doing this for him forever!

3. For Mother's Day this year Josh- lovely, thoughtful, generous- Josh got me a card and a potted Gerber daisy. (I managed to kill the daisy within the first few days- I am no gardener. However, some how Josh brought it back to life and instead of the 2 blooms that were there originally, now there are 3! I am hoping this is not foreshadowing our parenting skills, otherwise, Parker is in for quite an interesting life- he will either sprout new parts or live a life of dehydration and malnutrition.) Anyway, for Mother's Day I get a card and a flower. When I asked Josh what he would like to Father's Day he said, "A massage."

Does that seem fair?

Well keeping true to form, I got him the massage package and laid on a HEAVY guilt trip. My birthday is July 16 and considering I am also giving birth days prior to my own birthday, I expect BIG things. I will keep you posted on any developments.

4. After the above mentioned massage, Josh bought me lunch (1/2 a pound of steamed shrimp- $10.00, massage package for Josh- $120.00...seems fair, no?) and then we went grocery shopping. Josh does not like me to go by myself at this point for fear that I will go into the labor at the store. This is a fear we embarrassing would that be!?

Do I go to the register and ring up my order, or just leave the cart there?

What would we do for food when I came home from the hospital? Clearly, I cannot leave Josh to
his own devices in a grocery store, who knows what I would end up with.

Do I finish my soy chai tea from the Safeway Starbucks or just hand it off to another customer, like a baton in a relay race?

Would I need to let Special Ed the stock boy know that a MAJOR clean up needs to occur in aisle 5?

These are just some of the questions running through my head about this issue.

Anyway, while at the store, we saw a new mom there with a little baby girl. The mom asked me how much longer I had, what I was having, you know all the usual questions*. As I am answering these questions for a stranger, for the millionth time, another woman with a baby walks by, says nothing and frankly, I barely noticed her. When Josh and I got to the next aisle, he informed me that the other lady was one of the people from his old job, the one I mentioned in here before, the one Josh quit and told them we were moving to the Eastern Shore. We ran into her in a grocery store about 10 miles from our house, which is NOT located on the Eastern Shore. LOVE IT!

*If you have ever graduated high school/college, gotten married or had a baby you know what these questions are. You hear them over and over again. Occasionally, you will get an oddball question or an inappropriate one, but they are all the same for each situation and there are even some "cross-over" questions:
-Are you excited/nervous/ready?
-When? (as in: are you leaving/working and/or: is the big day)
-Then there is usually some mention of money, either how expensive something is or how much you will receive for your accomplishments.
This interaction is usually concluded by the other person, stranger or not, filling you in on some tragic/not-so entertaining/ predictable story of their own circulated around the event.
I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it, I do it myself sometimes, but it is very interesting, no?