Thursday, November 27, 2008

Photojournal: Parker vs. cereal

Pfunk (as Aunt Lynsey started calling him) sitting innocently and unsuspecting in his high chair. He has started grabbing for my...well anything I put in my mouth be it beer, chicken, soup, chapstick. No I am not eating chapstick, the idea is if I make any move toward my mouth Pfunk is aware of it. Josh and I are taking this as a "FEED ME" sign.

"Ummmm, this does NOT look like the yummy stuff you are eating mom!"

"Oh just give me the damn bowl! I will do it myself!"

"Do I have anything on my face?"
Overall, he seemed interested, but not overjoyed. I think he would rather have turkey and sweet potatoes with roasted marshmellows (who wouldn't?). We are going to try it again tonight and hopefully will be introducing fruits and veggies in the coming weeks.
Anyway, I am writing this and my oven is beeping telling me Tom the Turkey is ready to be eaten.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!