Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Four Years Ago, Today

Today Josh and I celebrate 4 years of wedded bliss.

We met when we were 17 and 19, began dating when we were 22 and 24 and got married when we were 26 and 28. I want credit for the dating years.

I was thinking about the week leading up to our wedding and, sometimes I'm amazed we were both alive and well enough to actually sputter out the words, "I do."

You see Josh's birthday was a few days before the wedding, so we went out to Ruth's Chris to celebrate. I got salmon, which I have gotten from RC many times before. Well, actually I have only been to RC a handful of times and I've gotten salmon about half of those times. My point being their salmon is usually yummy and causes no reaction what so ever- gastro intestinally speaking.

However, that night after dinner- 3 nights before the wedding, I found myself on the bathroom floor in the midst of a very violent vomiting session. After about 10 minutes when the retching subsided, I dragged myself to the couch. My sinuses were throbbing and felt twisted from the pressure- a migraine was fast approaching. My eyes were on fire (a later glance in the mirror revealed several burst blood vessels in each eye) and my rib cage all but busted through my torso.

Salmon really do swim upstream. And they are apparently very angry about it.

The next day we were suppose to meet with the lady from the wedding location to finalize everything.

While I was throwing up food I ate in 1982, Josh was laying in bed, catching a terrible cold.

When we met the wedding lady, we looked like death. Josh fought to keep the snot in his nose and I could not look directly into any sort of light and my throat was very raw leaving me with a gravelly drag queen type voice. However, my migraine had downgraded to a splitting headache (!)

She looked at both of us, clearly unsure about what kind of bender we were coming off of and what kind of clientele would actually be attending our wedding. Should she have puke buckets at the ready? Do the local authorities need to be notified? Perhaps an open bar is not such a great idea.

We assured her we would be ok within the required 3 days. Josh and I then stumbled up the hill that is Annapolis, to a restaurant called Cafe Normandy. If you have never been there it's awesome. We each got soup. Neither if us finished it. We went to an amazing French restaurant and did not even finish our French onion soup.

True to our word though, we were somehow both a-ok on wedding day. My photographer edited out my remaining burst blood vessels and all was well.

Although, Josh drove himself to the wedding and when he pulled up to the nuptial site, 5 minutes before go time (not his fault- we got married on a busy Friday in a small city) the valet informed him there were no spots left. Josh tossed his car keys in the general direction of the valet stand and said, "I'm the groom and I'm getting married in 5 minutes. Find a spot."

(Still) Happy Anniversary! In sickness and in health