Monday, November 1, 2010

Smoke and Mirrors

Confession: I am a Halloween costume GENIUS!

Last year I made Parker's costume using a long sleeved onesie and puffy paint.  He WAS Pman.

This year I used an apron and chef's hat he already owned and created the cutest costume in the world, (part 2) again using mostly puffy paint.  He was the head chef of the to-be-hit show- "Cooking with P!"

I took him around our suburban hood while Josh stayed home to hand out candy (I still have 5 unopened bags left...). 

I thought Psizzle would only last a dozen or so houses for trick or treating, but I was wrong.  Parker's newest hobby is trick or treating. 
He lasted about an hour and walked the entire time. I set up our little red wagon with juice and a blanket because I just knew he was not going to walk the whole time.
Wrong again. 
Instead of sitting in the wagon he used it as a dumping station when his loot bag got a bit too heavy. 

When we got home, he took 1 bite out of several different pieces of new-to-him candy.  We found out that he LOVES Mike and Ikes- the candy I thought only old men and the homeless liked.  He can, with expert precision suck the chocolate off a Raisinet and spit out a perfectly whole raisin. Smart kid, raisins are the devil's candy.

Sadly, he does not seem to like Reese's peanut butter cups.  I say sadly, because I think they are delicious  and he got a lot of them.  I guess I will have to eat them all.

Because P's costume was so spectacular, Josh demanded I make him one as well. Using a Sharpe, leftover sparkle puffy paint and a white undershirt, I created this masterpiece:

As a family, this is what we looked like at a neighbor's Halloween party. 
Aside from the people throwing the party, we were the only family who dressed up.  That is just how the Phillips' roll. 
Hope your Halloween was Happy!