Friday, August 1, 2008

Have Baby Will Travel

Parker, Abby and I went out on an adventure to see Grammy and Grandpa.
We left on Thursday.

I started packing on Monday.

I successfully packed everything we needed and I do not think I forgot anything. Although it is hard to forget something when you pack EVERYTHING. My Santa Fe was beyond packed. Poor Parker had to hold his own suitcase on his lap for the whole trip.
Sort of.

My goal was to leave my house by 10a.m. I have said that since the birth of my little monkey (that is what I call Parker) time is merely a suggestion. I try not to watch the clock too much, but I wanted to get on the road and quick. After I packed the car and monkey had another satisfying meal at McBoob, we were off.

We were three miles into the trip here and Abby pukes in the front seat. I had to pull over in a church parking lot and clean up my dog, who apparently was recovering from some sort of a bender from the night before.

I got her all cleaned up thanks to a bottle of water I had brought for myself to drink, thanks Abby. And we were back on our way to Grandma's house. We got about another 30 miles, Annapolis, and I needed to get some cash. I go the the Bank of America's ATM only to find that my debit card does not work. Long story short, Josh needed a new debit card and I guess BOA thought that meant I needed a new one too. The one I had, was not the new one.

I went on, cashless.

I went on to Chil-Fil-A to get hangover Abby some nuggets to settle her stomach. For every college graduate knows grease helps a hangover.

We continued on our journey to Ocean City with all the other tourons.

Except for an intense need to pee at about the Easton mark (90-ish miles from our desitnation) and not quite sure how to deal with Parker in this situation, the trip was uneventful, after the first few events.

P.S. I did not pee until I got to my parent's house. I basically threw Parker into Lynsey's arms, let Abby roam the yard and I sprinted into the house barely making it to the toilet. At one point in the ride I considered putting on one of Parker's diapers and let things flow.

P.P.S. Abby was not drunk. I think she was a bit carsick. Who knows.

We are 24 hours into the vaca. I will report back with details. Although as a teaser, my mom took Parker to the Crab Cake Factory and she let this random OC trash take his picture and then they thought mom was Parker's mom. This all occurred while I was getting a Delmarvelous haricut. It's been fun.