Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolve to Evolve.

Well, hello there 2013!  Welcome, I hope you are an enjoyable one.

This time of year, the first few days of January, people like to set the stage for bad old habits to die and new, productive ones to emerge.

One year, when we were younger, my older sister was in the mall around NYE time.  A local news crew was also at the mall asking people to state their resolutions on camera.  My sister was so excited to be on television she said, "My new years revolution is..." Who knows what else she said.  I certainly don't remember and I'm pretty sure she does not either.

We did have a chuckle at the slip, but really some resolutions are a certain type of revolution.  Anyone who has vowed to quit smoking, run their first official race- how ever long, have a baby, can attest to the fact that those life changing moments are in fact a revolution of sorts.

In light of all this, I asked my family what their resolutions were for 2013.  Here are their answers:
CBL: Make a bigger mess and apparently cook more...
Pman: Play more golf.     

Josh: It's a bunch of malarkey
Me: Enjoy the race. (literally and symbolically)

I hope you all have a lovely 2013 and continue to enjoy the blog, despite the spotty regularity with which I post.