Thursday, October 22, 2009


I am NOT pregnant. Nor do I expect to be anytime soon, but I want to be clear that the subject of this entry has nothing to do with any pending babies.

Since before Josh and I were even engaged I made him play impromptu rounds of the Name Game. This involves me (usually...ok always the leader and instigator of this game) spitting out names rapid fire style until I feel the round is over. The game is never over, we just take momentary time outs- the game is always going. On Josh's end, he is forced to weigh the pros and cons of each name thrown at him and God help him if he says no to a name I like. In the event this happens, I practically make him submit his reasons on writing complete with a PowerPoint presentation as to why the name is not suitable to him. If he should happen to throw out a name I do not favor it is shot down immediately without explanation- well that is not entirely true, if I think the name is particularly terrible I will tell him- over and over.

Don't you wish you could play this game?

Anyway, we have a girl name picked out should we ever have a girl. Her name will be Peyton, spelling variation to be determined. We both agreed on this girl name before we knew Parker would be a Parker.

Now I have made it our mission to focus solely on boy names. We have a few in our back pocket, but we (I) am still thinking on it.

One of the gems Josh came up with was Joseph Ker Phillips. I was suspicious of this name from the beginning. I even said, "I need to say no to this, but I do not know why." Josh proceeded to try to convince me of the benefits of this name. I kept saying that is sounded innocent enough, but I need to veto it.

As you look at the name, do you notice anything about it?
Q:What do you call someone names Joseph?
A: Joe
Making the child's name JoeKer Phillips
See what I am working with?

I also suggested the name Harvey, Josh said ok only if the middle name was Dent. Harvey Dent is Two-Face from Batman.

Thankfully, I saw Parker's name on credits of some movie, plus I love Parker Posey (she's a girl, but whatever...)  When I mentioned to Josh and he needs to get off the Batman themed names he said something to the effect of Pman being named after Spiderman-- Peter Parker.
See where this is going?

Josh's dad passed away about three and a half years ago his name was Lemmeul D. Phillips. Before he passed I asked him if he would like us to carry on his name. Mr. Phillips reply was, "Hell no. Lemmeul is a terrible name." Ok.

I asked what the D stood for, maybe we could make him middle name our son's middle name or something. The D stands for D, as in there is no name attached to the letter. His middle name is the letter D.


Ok fine then, maybe there is a nickname Josh's dad would have liked us to carry on. Well his nickname was Catfish.

Oh I give up!

In a Parker update: His newest trick is to put his hands on his ears. He usually does this when he is sitting in his carseat. Just the other day he was sitting back there with his little ankles crossed and his hands on his ears as I sang The B52's "Love Shack". This makes me sad.

It should be noted that I have the speakers set so they are only loud in the front of the car. It is possible my singing ability continues to take a downward turn.