Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Be Pink Eye Productive

About two weeks ago poor P woke up from his nap with two swollen, watery, bloodshot eyes.  He looked like he had been involved in some kind of playground brawl. 
When I asked him how he felt he said, "I feel good.  I'm happy." I'm not totally sure he could even see me and instead was just turning his little puffy face in the direction of my voice.
That was on a Sunday, so we just hung out, did a lot of hand washing and saying, "Stop touching your eyes."  Monday morning I called his doc, took him in and sure enough he was diagnosed with double pink eye, as well as, double ear infection.
P the Brave never gave any kind of indication his ears hurt in any way at all- ever.  He has only had 4 or 5 ear infections his whole life and each time we found out by chance.  Never because he exhibited  any of the tell tale ear infection signs.
Since pink eye is so contagious, 7 kids from school were infected at the same time, P and I were stuck in the house for a few days.  I took this opportunity to kick potty training into high gear.  We bought a 3 pack of Cars underpants and hunkered down for a few days of wet pants, eye drops and amoxicillan.
To put it simply, he did amazing!* 
For the last two weeks, he averages 1 accident a day and each one has occurred when he was on his way to the potty, but couldn't get there fast enough- those darn snaps AND zippers!  Recently, he has had full days of staying dry, thank you elastic waisted pants.We now own 9 pairs of 2T-3T underpants and he mostly loves using the potty.  I only have to bribe him with Reeses Pieces or Skittles occasionally. 
I have taken him to a park, twice, sans diaper.  We took a trip about 30 minutes from home and only brought 1 back up pair of underpants and pants- no diapers, no wipes.  We were gone for 5 hours.He has been to play dates and birthday parties in his big boy drawers. We are making som real headway here.For you mommies out there who are working on this potty training hell, I will say it is not easy squeezy and Parker was just ready. 

He had 1 poo accident in his underwear, which grossed us both out beyond belief. 
When he uses the bathroom, he demands that his pants, underpants and shoes are all removed prior to doing his business, which translates to a lot of squatting on my part.  This is not a fun activity for a lady who is 28 weeks pregnant, especially when a public restroom stall and floor are involved.
He also requires, "Privacy please."  He actually says that.  Or he will say, "I need privacy."  If I do not shut the door completely, he will get up off the toilet shut the door and climb, I'm guessing here, back on the pot.
In a 45 minute trip to the library for story time, he peed on his pants because I tried to convince him they did not need to be removed, I was wrong.  Then 20 minutes later he had his daily accident.  Since the first pair of pants were the least wet, he wore them to Panera and happily ate Mac and Cheese with his friends.  I think that speaks volumes about the deliciousness that is Panera's Mac and Cheese.
He does still wear a Pull-up when he sleeps, although it is usually dry after his nap.
His school will not let him wear just underwear to school until he has 2 weeks of a dry Pull-up. 
I'm still declaring this a work in progress, but the progress is going nicely.  I'm not getting my hopes up too high though.  When Peyton comes, I know this recent success may digress a bit.  I am okay with that, at least now we all know he is totally capable of mastering this potty thing.
*He got a potty for his birthday, June 2010.  We have been "practicing" this potty thing with varying intensity levels since then.