Sunday, September 7, 2008

Poop Happens...or not

The poopy saga continues.
When Parker first came home all of his diapers were filled with or had reminiscent of both tinkles and poopies. As of late, as mentioned in the previous posts, the diapers had been lacking the poo portion.
After several suppositories (4 actually...well actually it was 2 whole infant suppositories cut in half longways) I called the doctor's office and made an appointment thinking clearly something was wrong and fearing that something was related to all the drama in Parker's first 2 weeks of life.
This is how the exchange went:

Me: Doctor, he is not pooping. He will go if I give him 1/2 a suppository, which I have been doing every 24 hours.

Doctor: What does it look like when he goes?

Me: Mustard. Mustard with seeds in it. (sorry if I just forever ruined mustard for you)

Doctor: Ok, that is good. How often have you given him suppositories?

At this point a thought is now crossing my mind, since I just told her I have been doing this every 24 hours and the tone of her question was not that of information gathering, but more of a "you did what?" tone, I'm thinking I may be doing something wrong...

Me: Ummm...every 24 hours....

Doctor: Ok...
Once babies turn about 2 months their digestive systems start to mature. It is completely normal and ok for them to not have a bowel movement for 2 to 3 days. If by the end of the 4th day he still has not gone, give him a suppository and call me.

Me: So I am over medicating him.

Doctor: Well...I'm sure you were worried.

Now, here I am approaching day #3 of no BM from Parker. I am trying very hard not to give him the suppositories. In fact, we are once again at my parents house so he could meet his Aunt Megan. I did not bring the suppositories with me, so that I would not be tempted to use them. However, on Saturday night I broke down and bought some. Josh came to Rite Aid with me and again, I had an interesting interaction involving the baby butt bullets (BBB).
I walked up to the counter with Josh and put the BBB and a pack of gum on the counter. I said, "Baby suppositories and gum...just another Saturday night." The checkout girl giggled, but was probably thinking, "shut up."
So I pushed on with my comedy routine because if you cannot have a sense of humor about inserting medicine into your son's hind-quarters, what can you have a sense of humor about?
Anyway, I then said, "And we don't even have a baby!"
That got a chuckle from the Rite Aid checkout girl and I felt like I made her night a little brighter, yeh me!

We came home and I set the jar of suppositories on the counter and stared at them, much like a recovering alcoholic must start at a bottle of vodka at the company Christmas party.
"I'll just give him one more half and then I will let his system handle the BM's from then on. Just one more man! One more for old time's sake, just to give me something to remember!!!"

Similarly to that successful recovering alcoholic though, I did not cave. Parker (and I) have been suppository free since Wednesday morning and it is now Sunday early afternoon. (He moved things through on his own Thursday evening.)

I promise this will not turn into the Poop Chronicles of Parker Phillips. However, my life is revolving around the digestive system of an almost 11 week old.

I did go back to work, teaching at College of Southern Maryland part time. I love it because it is the best of both worlds. I get to spend the majority of my day monitoring Parker's diapers, but I get to be a normal adult for a few hours each week too.

Josh has to go out of town for work this week, which means it will be me vs. Parker ...or I mean me and Parker Tuesday through Thursday night. It's anyone's game and the lightening round at the end will determine the true winner, stay tuned!