Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm Often Asked...

How are you feeeeeellllinggg?
Mostly like myself- tired.  I am playing more hopscotch and tic tac toe in the driveway with Parker than I was before.  These both require me to lumber around the driveway, and sometimes hop, for about an hour at a time. 
"Draw it bigger, Mommy!" Pman sweetly demands.
"Draw it over here, Mommy."  "No wait, over here."
"Let's play basketballsoccerbaseballgolf.  Let's climb that hill."
I am still going to the gym regularly, but hanging out with Pfuzz is more of a workout than any treadmill trudge.We also pick flowers from our garden, the garden that I have nothing- I mean NUTH-ING- to do with.  When Josh gets home from work, Parker grabs his bug net and they both head out the door to water the sprouts and look for "jolly happy souls" (re: worms).  I honestly don't even know what they are growing out there- vegetables and some herbs, maybe?  Right now it looks like grass to me.Early Mother's Day flowers from my favorite guys and their garden.
How is Parker? Is he ready to be a big brother?
He's awesome, of course. 
A few months ago at the pediatrician's office she commented that the wax in his ear was really deep.  She asked if we used Q-Tips to clean his ears. 
"No." I replied.  "That actually never even occured to me."
However, as the picture shows, Q-Tips have occured to Parker.  After he pulled these out of his ears and saw the bit of wax he said, "Eww, gross." Then placed them on the kitchen counter.
As for the big brother question, I have no clue.  He is staying pretty tight lipped about the whole thing.  He is interested in babies and knows there is a baby sister named Peyton in his future, past that, it's hard to tell.
How far along are you now?
I am officially 30 weeks pregnant today. 
Which means in 9 weeks from today, I will be get to kiss my sweet baby girl's face and introduce her to her amazing brother and proud papa.  At my appointment today, these will now occur every 2 weeks, my doctor called me small!  Initially I thought, OOOH HOW I LOVE THIS LADY!!  But then she said, "I want you to get another sonogram to track the baby's growth."
She is not too worried, so I'm not letting myself worry either.  Peyton is movin and groovin and her heart rate is on target.  My doc just wants to be on top of ev-er-y-thing.

Also, ummm this is small?