Thursday, July 10, 2008


On Wednesday, July 9, 2008 Parker Phillips was allowed to leave Hopkins and come home!

My breathing, eating, non-medicine taking, circumsized baby is home safe and healthy.

I can't think of anything else worth mentioning at this point because now I have what I wanted.

We are not ready for visitors yet, but I will let you all know when you can come meet the newest Phillips.

Check back soon to see how the first few days are going.
Teaser: A trip to the grocery store is planned, craziness is sure to ensue!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Adentures and Progressions of the Amazing Parker Phillips

I wanted the time between the last update and this one to be a lot smaller than it actually is, but a few things have been happening in the world outside of Parker, who knew that even existed, that have kept me from my computer.

First of all, I am ok now, but I spent the better part of my July 4th in the ER for my own self. Friday morning I got up did my normal pre-Parker visit routine and was in the shower. I think I have mentioned somewhere along the way, or if I haven't I will tell you now, my blood pressure has been kind of high since Parker has been in the NICU. My doctor was aware, but related it to stress and just told me to take it easy (HA!). Anyway, I was in the shower on Friday and everything went black and I could not hear. I had a pounding headache and my legs were hurting. I sat down before it got any worse and weakly called for Josh. He came up saw me and called 911. I was taken to the hospital via ambulance and checked into the ER at 11a.m.
After a series of tests including a CAT scan where I threw up (again) in the middle of it, the doctor concluded the fainting spell had nothing to do with my blood pressure, which was normal the entire time (7 hours) I was in the ER don't you know. Instead this episode was related to an infection in my boob. Seems one of the ducts is clogged. I am now pumping every 2 hours and on an antibiotic and feeling 100% better than I was on Friday.

In conjunction with this set back, since Parker has been at Hopkins, well since he was born, our house has completely and quite literally fallen apart.
Our laundry room doors stopped closing all the way, but my dad has since fixed them (thanks dad!)
Josh's side of the closet inexplicably and for no good reason fell off the wall
The smoke detector outside of our bedroom door fell off the ceiling
We came home from the hospital (visiting Parker) and our living room window was pushed in, not broken, but pushed in. Our neighbor said he saw that is was open and watched the house the rest of the day to make sure no one was coming or going via window.
And finally our AC and the fan broke, both of which are now fixed.


Anyway onto Parker news...
He is doing very well. His ventilator and chest tube were both removed about 36 to 48 hours after surgery! He is eating 30 cc (1ounce) every three hours with a bottle- i.e. NO FEEDING TUBE!!
He is having trouble breathing and eating at the same time, but they say he will get it and that is a common issue with babies.
He has had several "big poops" as the nurses call them, which is great because it shows he is processing everything nicely.
The milestones we are looking for that will allow him to come home are eating and keeping down 2.5 ounces and breathing while he is eating. He seems to really like eating, so hopefully this will not take too long.

Every nurse is amazed at how quickly he has progressed, which I love because it makes me think that he wants to come home just as much as I want him home.
Thank you all so much for your prayers, encouragement and support. I will continue to keep you updated on our little family. Everyone keeps asking how I am doing and I can only say that my mood/well-being etc. is directly related to Parker. He is having some amazing days and therefore I am good, but will be best when we are all home together.