Thursday, September 15, 2011

Can a Three Year Old be Tactful?

This past weekend I was walking around a nearby shopping center with my family.  Josh wanted to run into a non-child friendly store, so I strolled around with the kiddos. 

SBG was strapped to my chest thanks to the Baby Bjorn.  Pman asked if we could play his new favorite game, "Run To."  In this game I give him a mark about 7 to 8 feet in front of me, but completely in my line of view, to run to.  He runs to the spot and waits.  When I reach him, I pick a new spot and the cycle continues.

He loves this game.  I'm not sure why.

I love this game because when P runs he looks like a Basilisk Lizard and it makes me giggle.

As we were finding the next "run to" spot, I saw a little person headed in our direction.

I looked at her and glanced down at Pman and just knew my most embarrassing moment was about to unfold in those very moments.

As the small woman approached I saw P's eyes lock on her. 

I braced myself, here is comes, inappropriate and possibly offending comments from a toddler.

However, instead he said, "That's another mommy."


He is referencing a bit of advice I recite over and over- If we are out and he cannot find me, he needs to tell a police officer or another mommy.  It's a good line I stole from a good friend. 

In that moment P was telling me the advice I have been dispensing has sunk in and sticking with him. 

I replied, "Yes, Parker, she might be another mommy and if you lost your mommy she would probably help you."

The woman gave a quick smile and kept moving.