Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Child Is This?

Santa (my dad) brought Parker an early Christmas gift this past weekend.  The big boy bed mentioned here,
J and I explained to P that the bed was too big to fit on Santa's sleigh, so he had to drop it off a little early.
Our explanation was met with blinking and a blank stare from our 2 and a half year old.  If he had the wherewithal to say, "HUH?"  he would have.  I'm not sure why we felt such pressure to explain it to him, but we did, so we did and there it is.
Operation: Nap was our first mission on Sunday afternoon.  After quite a bit of squealing and bumping around, the room fell silent and we assumed P was sleeping.  When Josh went to get him, P was in fact in the bed, but his wipes were on the floor, as were all of his PJ's.
That night, all was quiet all night.  Project: Big Bed-Success (?)
(You big bed vets stop laughing.  I was hoping for beginners luck.)
The next day, I put him down for nap time, or what has now turned into-exploration time. 
We left the crib in his room for now, in case he really was not ready to sleep in the bed.  Also because to get the crib out we need to take it apart and after putting together a captains bed sans directions, we did not feel like tackling the crib.
Pman's crib has about a 6 inch hinge that can be released so mommy or daddy and easily reach in and pluck out the caged in kiddo. We left the hinge down so he could climb in if he wanted to.  However, he has instead taken to lifting the heavy wooden hinge up as high as little toddler arms will allow and then, SLAM, release it so it bangs on the front of the crib.  Sort of like a giant door knocker.
As I sat in the living room and listened to a few rounds of this, I yelled, "HEY!, Stop that!"
Then I heard the little sound of a toddler fist knocking on the inside of his bedroom door.  This was followed by his sweet voice saying, "Come in Mommy."
After a bit that too stopped, and then there was silence.
I let him sleep for about 40 minutes, and then I had to go wake him because we were meeting up with friends.
I tiptoed up the steps, slowly turned the knob.  I tried to open the door, but it was stuck.  I realized Parker was sleeping up against the door.
I said his name a few times in that comforting mom whisper.  Then I realized the room smelled like poop.  No surprise really, this is a typical post-nap occurrence.  However, as he woke up and rolled over and I was able to crack to door a bit more, I realized he was not wearing any pants. 
Or a diaper.
My little bundle of toddler joy was curled up by the door wearing only a shirt and white tube socks.
In the middle of his room was a poo filled diaper full of poo’ed wipes.  My amazing child took off his diaper, wiped his own tush, very well I may add, and put everything in a neat pile.  His hands were a
little messy and some of the diaper contents were on his socks, but all in all nothing too gross.
He started to cry and I said, "Do you think you are in trouble?"
"YeEeeSss" he wailed as tears fell from his eyes.
I said, "Actually, I'm totally impressed with this."
We hugged it out, washed it off and changed our clothes.
It's a Christmas miracle.