Friday, March 28, 2008

Corrections and Motherhood

Correction: I would like to start off by saying my mom told me I was actually 8lbs 3 oz when I was born. So how much does that bring down the average?! Is it possible for me to have a 7pounder?!..Didn't think so

On to other things...
Last night was a Thursday. Josh has gotten into this habit of taking off on Fridays, mostly so he can stay home at watch some of the March Madness tournament, but partly because the last two Fridays have been beautiful. Since I am trying to rack up some hours that will help during the maternity leave, I have been going to work on said Fridays.
Anyway, last night Josh informed me that when I went to bed he was going to walk to Neptune's for a few beers to watch the game. Netpune's is a little dive bar with food that will make you think you are at a fine dining restaurant. Interesting combination to say the least.
This bar is about a mile from our house and we frequently walk there in the summer, when it is nice out. Josh was choosing to walk last night because he wanted to drink a few beers and did not want to leave his car there. Responsible.
However, for some reason I freaked out. I told him he had to text message me when he left the house, again when he got there, again when the left the bar and again when he got home, as I would probably be sleeping. I was serious too. SERIOUS. That is 4...count them 4 text messages for a trip that would take Josh 1 mile from our house. This was actually the compromise I came up with after I begged him not to go, or at least not to walk there, because I just KNEW something bad would happen. (not to ruin the end, but nothing bad happened)

Now a little side story about our town. It is very Leave it to Beaver if the Beav were at the beach and most people are missing some teeth and cut-off jean shorts with either an ill-fitting tank top or no shirt at all are the outfits of choice, shoes always optional.
North Beach is charming in the same way an old lady who wears every piece of jewelry she owns all at one time to the grocery store. We try to dress ourselves up, but really we are just a big old happy mess. There is no real danger here unless you have a problem talking to locals about how before the Bay Bridge was built North Beach was what Ocean City is today.
What an accomplishment!

Anyway, Josh was making fun of me saying that pregnancy has made me an even bigger (if that is possible) worrywart. If he did in fact encounter "trouble" he likely could have pulled the- "Hey look over there!" while he runs/or slowly trots even, in the opposite direction- trick and safely gotten away.

My reaction concerns me because I want well-adjusted, socially acceptable, self reliant kids, but at what cost? Am I going to be one of those mom's who stalks her kids in her minivan? Am I not going to allow my kids to see PG movies until they are 16? 16?! That means they will be driving! I already have a rule in place that our kids are not allowed to talk on the phone when they are driving. Josh told me by then, cell phones will be obsolete and so will my rule. Darn those kids, always finding a loop hole.

Here's to hoping I am not a "Flowers in the Attic" style mom!

Monday, March 24, 2008

This is all new to me

I know some of you have had babies. Other's are very close to people who have had them. I realize that nothing I am about to disclose is new information, but this is my first pregnancy and some of these things are new to me.

The Great Abyss...aka the floor:
I am not huge...yet. I am definitely getting bigger and bigger seemingly by the nano-second, but if I stand up, I can still see me feet. (Ok ok, so I can really only see my toes, but they count!) Moving on... my point is that it is getting harder and harder for me to bend down to pick things up. It's not the trip down that is the tricky part, it's coming back up. I have a feeling I'm going to have gladiator-style legs when this is all said and done. I mean they are better than jelly thighs, but still not quite the look I am going for.
The other day I was grocery shopping and dropped a coupon. As I watch my coupon for Ben and Jerry's "buy one pint of ice cream, get the second 1/2 half off" flutter the ground with grace and elegance, I could not help but shed a tear. I LOVE ice cream. However, the thought of attempting to bend down and struggling to pick up a glossy piece of paper of the glossy grocery store floor, just was not worth it. Alas, I hope who ever picked up the coupon enjoyed the ice cream as much as I would have.

Bladder control, really?!
I read somewhere recently that at this stage of pregnancy I will probably be spending a lot more time in the bathroom. The frequency will likely only increase as...well as my size increases. Way back on October 2007, a trigger that keyed me in that I may be pregnant was the fact that in a 3 hour time span I peed about 20 times. This frequency has been something that has stuck with since that moment when two lines appeared on the EPT. However, this is not about the frequency as much as it is about the control.
I also read somewhere that I should think of the situation as though my bladder and baby are fighting over the arm rest in a movie theatre...and my bladder is loosing. Is it ever!?
Sneezing and coughing are my nemesis' and for a girl who is getting over a cold, things are not good in the dry underwear department for me. I am DREADING allergy season for many reasons, but mostly because I thought I would at least be 70 before I would have to ask Josh to change my diapers. At this rate poor Josh will have to change Parker and me several time a day.

I swear it still fits! I swear!
I am still working out throughout this pregnancy. It is at a MUCH slower pace than pre-pregnancy, but I feel any physical activity is good for both delivery and the post-pregnancy body. I used to wear tank tops and shorts when I worked out. Early on in the pregnancy, I switched from shorts to capri's, partly because it was getting colder and partly because I just felt weird in shorts. I could still fit into my tank tops. That has all changed. I now wear Josh's t-shirts, because they are the only things fit over my belly. I'm talking about going from women's tank tops size medium to men's large t-shirts! Not cute.

Finally- Shoes:
I have not had the pleasure of doing this yet, but I want to sound off a bit on a topic that seems to be fairly common. Before I go on, I will say, I do not think I will suffer this fate, but I am sure others would have said the same. I have heard about the phenomenon of very pregnant women accidentally putting on mismatched shoes because they could not actually see their feet. Now, I have several different pairs of shoes I wear regularly. They all feel distinctly different on my feet. Therefore, I do not foresee that I will be wearing one brown wedge with a black ballet flat. I mean they FEEL DIFFERENT. The other shoes I wear requiring tying (which I can still do if I am sitting in a chair!) This leads me to believe again I would see and feel the difference in the shoes. I hope I am not putting my own nail in the coffin with this. If you see me wearing two different shoes, please refrain from saying anything and let me go about my day.

p.s. My feet are not swollen and I figure if/when I hit that point, I will mostly be wearing flip-flops anyway!

Bonus entry!!

The other night Josh and I were in bed watching Family Guy, as we do. It occurred to me that I had no idea how much Josh weighted when he was born. For those of you who do not know Josh, or just a refresher, when I am not pregnant, we are about the same size. We wear the same shoe size, our hands are the same size and if one of us is bare foot and the other is wearing socks, the socked one if slightly taller. For these reasons, I guess I figured we probably weighted about the same at birth.

Now, I weighted in at about 8lbs. 5 oz. and was 21 inches long. I know this is not a small baby, BUT my mom's due date for me was June birthday is July 16. I was almost a month late! So I figure if I had been born on time, I would have maybe been somewhere in the 7lb range. Either way, not a bad size, do-able at least.

Back to the other night, I asked Josh, "How much did you weigh when you were born?" I barely finished the question, when he said, "10lbs 6oz"
I promptly stated he must be joking because he answered too quickly/easily. I mean really what guy knows what they weighted at birth!?
He assured me, no that is what he was and he had the baby book to prove it.

Now, I am OVER THE MOON excited to have Parker in my life. I already love him more than I thought possible. However, I was not prepared for a 10 pounder! I told Josh this is information he should have shared before the wedding, at the very least before October 2007. You need to prep a girl for the distinct possibility of a 10 pound baby.

I'm not sure if I slept that night or slipped into some sort of shock/trauma situation.

A few days later I had a doctors appointment. Whenever I go to the doctor, I usually have a laundry list of questions that I throw at her rapid fire style. I love my OB!
I told her about the gigantic baby that was Josh. I was hoping beyond hopes that she would tell me birth weight is not genetic, that is just a myth.
She actually told me quite the opposite, my baby's birth weight will likely be an average of mine and Josh's. I told her I really did not want to have to do a c-section and was scared that the size of my baby may lead to that procedure. She "comforted" me by saying, "Don't worry, I've delivered 11 pound babies vaginally before."