Wednesday, August 11, 2010


When your teeny tiny infant child picks out a lunch box- blue, or "booo!" and a backpack- Batman to take to his first day of preschool you become more aware of time and quickly it moves and how quirky it can be.

My infant son who I now squeeze desperately every time he gives me a chance, goes pee-pee on the potty about 3 times a day.  He did this on his own.  I swear I am not pushing him. 

One day he said, "Peeeeeeee?!" 
I said, "Do you want to try the potty?"
As a grin stretches across his face "Esss." He replies full of self confidence and excitement. 

Without too much detail, mostly because I'm sure most of you can fill in the blanks about how this whole thing goes down, I will say as Parker fills the pot his face- his whole being-is beaming with pride.  His confidence is contagious.

He does sit on the potty, in lieu (ha get it!) of standing and every time he goes, he grabs for the toilet paper- perhaps too much potty time with mommy. 

His new found pee-pee in the potty talent is coming at an interesting time.  When he goes to preschool he will be there all day and they will start working on potty training with him.  I expect a little regression when school starts, but I think we are on a good road.

My precious baby boy who has been going to the gym with me 4 to 5 days a week since he was 2 months old is now...just now...2 weeks before his first day of school ever...starting to cry, no wail, when I leave the kiddie room at the gym. 

He clings to my legs and says, nay sobs, "No Mommy.  No Mommy." 

Why now?  Why couldn't we have gone through this clingy stage earlier and been through the woods by this point?  The ladies at the gym tell me he is over it within minutes.  I know he will be fine at school.  Josh and I picked this school because we know he will love it. 

I picked this school because I loved it. 

Pman is ready.  I am ready.  I wish I could transfer that "pee-pee in the potty" confidence to "first day of preschool" confidence.  I would gladly make the switch.

Another recent discovery in the world of Pfunk is french fries.  He knows what they are and he LOVES them.  Of course this comes as I am entering peak training mode for the Baltimore Marathon.  Of course his affinity for all things fried potato comes just as I am hitting my goal weight.  Of course I will take him to get some after his first day of school.