Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photo Journal: Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend the Phillips pham went to a pumpkin pharm (sorry, I couldn't help myself!), Homestead Gardens if you're interested.  They had a petting zoo type thing, pony rides, pumpkins, and games.  This is a photo journal of that day.  Josh and I are going to visit my sister this weekend, so there are many clothes to be laundered and packed.  I would hate to leave you without a post for this week.  Also, nothing like pictures of a cute kid to boost a bloggers follower numbers (hint hint!)

Here's a picture of an actual goat, not our dog Abby. Although, if you have ever seen Abby, you will note the resemblance, yes? I'm thinking that is why Psizzle looks so happy in this picture, maybe he thinks we got another goat. Unfortunately Pman is way into tails, which typically are located close to the…exit door portion of animals. Thankfully, nothing untoward happened.

In these pictures you will see Cowboy Pman. He LOVED this pony, Casey is her name. I'm not sure the feeling was mutual. Note the lack of enthusiasm on Casey's face. If you find yourself going to Homestead Gardens, I have a few bits of advice- 1. Pay the $4 for the pony rides, it so worth it. 2. DO NOT pay the 4 extra dollars for the picture. We did thinking that meant we had to pay to take our own picture of our own son on the pony. It does not. If you pay the extra $4 they will take a picture and print it our right there. Don't be a sucker. Ya know, like us. 

On my hard drive this picture is vertical, but it will not show up on the blog that way (go figure!).  No matter, this is a picture of the corn maze.  It was waist high to an adult so we could see our children.  This is one of the funniest pictures ever.  Can you figure out why?
(In the mean time I will work on getting it right side up...)

In the top picture he was suppose to throw a ball into a cup.  He did less throwing and more dropping and won a yo-yo.  Confession: I am defeated by the yo-yo.  I have no clue how to make it yo-yo.  Every time I try the little plastic part just plummets to the ground and then I am forced to wind it back up again by hand.  No. Fun. This middle picture Josh says looks like Parker is grabbing his balls.  Nice, dad. The last one was at a play date whereupon he tried to eat the little pumpkins like an apple.  All the other moms seemed concerned, but when I just sat back and let him nosh, they all took pictures.  That's the Phillips- always happy to entertain.

How do you end a day at the pumpkin patch complete with pony rides? You go to an authentic German restaurant and watch a 3 (?) the accordion and yodel. There are 3 people in this band, but I could not get the fat old lady in the picture. Rest assured you are not missing much. Every time she stood up off her stool she had a TERRIBLE dress wedgie- NO PHOTOS PLEASE!

Carry on with your Octoberfests and pumpkin picking!