Monday, April 6, 2009

Busted Leg and Parker-free

After two doctors visits, one MRI, one MRA and two leg braces we have been told Josh will likely need 2 surgeries to fix his knee. From what they can tell at this point Josh almost completely dislocated his knee cap and the doctor, who is like a miniature version of Sylvester Stallone, keeps calling this a significant injury. All the stuff (muscles? tendons? ligaments?) on the outside of his knee are torn and there is likely damage to the interior part of his knee as well. We will not really know about the interior part until the first surgery is performed. The goal of surgery #1 is to repair (or begin to repair) the outside of the knee and assess the damage to the inside. This surgery is scheduled to take place on April 16. The second surgery will be about 2 to 3 months after that.

Some people have asked how this happened exactly and it is a bit unclear. What I have gathered is during a game Josh had the ball and was tackled. His feet stayed in the muddy ground, while his legs went in another direction, causing the tear. Did I mention the guy who tackled Josh was likely a lot younger than him? Did I mention the guy who tackled Josh was a rookie player? How about the fact that this guy played for a military team based out of Quantico making him a rugby playing Marine?
Yeh, well...

Despite his injury, Josh was adamant about us needing to get away for the weekend. I think he could really just see that I was about to have some sort of break down and needed to come up for air.

We had plans to go see my older sister this past weekend, but once Josh hurt himself, we called off that trip as it would require a 9 hour car ride. When I called it off my mom and dad, who were scheduled to watch Parker all weekend, said "Um, well we still want Parker this weekend."

With their encouragement and Josh's ...yes Josh's planning we decided to go to the Northern Virginia area and stay at a bed and breakfast and hit some wineries. I was honestly concerned about going to wineries with gimpy. I did not think it was the best idea for him to be getting in and out of a car with his FULL leg (I'm talking groin to ankle) removable Velcro cast thing. He assured me he would be ok and if all else fails he at least had the prescription pain killers. Is anyone else worried just reading that? We are going on a trip specifically to drink wine and Josh comes equipped with a "pocket full of fun."

I did the Great American Parker and Abby Trade with my mom on Thursday afternoon. The plan was Josh and I would get up Friday morning, go to a doctor's appointment and then head to the winery, aiming to get there around 3 or so.


The morning doctor's appointment led to an afternoon *MRA. Josh was authorized to get handicapped tags for his car, oh yes, despite the FULL leg cast, he is allowed to drive. A stick.
Those of you who live from North Beach to mid-St. Mary's County may want to watch out for a silver VW Jetta. After the am doctor's appointment we attempted to get the handicapped tags, but the MVA was closed. It was 11a.m. on Friday. Closed.


Finally, after a crazy game of phone tag with the first and second doctor's offices, a terrible lunch at Red Hot and Blue, and an MRA at the DIRTIEST doctor's office I have ever been in, we were on our way. We got to the b&b at 8:30ish causing us to miss check in by about 2 hours, but they let us come in anyway.

When it was all said and done, Josh did a great job of doing the wine tour thing on crutches. We had a great weekend at a quiet, historic b&b. Whenever Josh and I need to just get away for a weekend we usually go to the Northern Virginia area and do the b&b- wine tour thing. It is very relaxing and not far from home. On this trip we did not have any particularly good wines or any food worth mentioning, but the company was great and the break was much needed. Oh and I made a neat necklace at a little bead place on Saturday morning.

Just so you do not think I completely forgot about my little monkey, I will say he had a great weekend at my parents probably eating cotton candy for dinner and dog food for dessert.

The best news of the weekend: Parker's first bottom tooth FINALLY...FINALLY broke through. However, he is very protective of it and will only show it if you can get him to giggle. Hint on getting him to giggle- he is INSANELY ticklish.

*Oh and what's an MRA you ask? Don't worry the doctor's secretary did know either. Reassuring, no? It is when they inject a dye to see the blood flow.