Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thankful for Board Games

Pman's school did a cute little Thanksgiving program the Tuesday before turkey day.  The show was your run of the mill impromptu tears, screaming and utter toddler chaos that comes with previously organized and rehearsed activities.

Parker did not cry, although he was close.  He also did not sing, dance or move in anyway.
I loved it.

On Thanksgiving Day P, J and I hung around the house and watched football, fried oysters and ate deviled eggs and ham.  Just like our Forefathers.

Then we headed to my parents house the next day for a more traditional dinner.  While we were there P got a hankering to play board games. 

That's my boy!

When Josh and I were dating sweethearts without a care (or a kid) in the world, we used to spend our Friday nights eating the most fattening yummy fried food and drinking cheap beer or wine.  While we dined on our scrumptious feast we would listen to music and play a variety of board games.  On many occasions, the thoughts of our Friday nights would make the looooong work week a bit more bearable.

So when my baby boy voiced his need for board games, or more specifically, "Iwannaplay GAme!" I happily obliged.

My mom and I shuffled him off to WalMart to purchase a few toddler friendly games.  We came out with Don't Break the Ice and a barnyard version of Uno.  He loves them both.

On Saturday night, after the dishes were cleared, cleaned (and some broken) and the pies were cut, my mom, sister, brother (potential SIL and BIL) and I all played Apples to Apples- for about 2 hours.  Games are in our DNA.  I'm glad to see Pman has picked that up as well.