Thursday, June 23, 2011

P is 3

Happy Birthday Parker!

In three short years you have taught me the following things (and much more).  Ok, so that first year did not feel so short at times, but seriously, I can't believe it's been three years.  How did I live nearly 28 years without your smiling face in my life?

Things I Learned (or was reminded of) From Parker:

1. Celebrate small accomplishments

2. Listen to the same song over and over if you feel like it

3. Forgive those you love easily and quickly

4. Virtually anything can be turned into a toy- anything

5. Starting your day with chocolate milk is almost as good as starting it with coffee

6. Sometimes hot dogs make for a great breakfast

7. Explore the unusual

8. Books are comforting

9. Where you start out does not necessarily dictate where you end up

10. Love transcends morning sickness

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Love You This Much

Cookie Monster- A Photo Journal

I fancy myself a somewhat crafty person.  That is until I tackle projects like the one below.  I have creative ideas, I just struggle on the execution portion of these projects.  I am working on a kick ass video for P's upcoming birthday, so stay tuned.

I saw a picture of a Cookie Monster cupcake and got inspired to make them for P to take to school on his upcoming third (how is it possible) birthday. 

I asked his teacher how many students would be at school on cupcake day.

What would you guess- 15?


Hows about 29! 

That is nearly a box and half of cake mix.  Yes I said box, what did you think I was going to these cupcakes from scratch?
Stage 1

Stage 2
Blue fingers, blue icing, blue food coloring splatters on the WHITE kitchen table.  Who needs a drop cloth?  

Question: What happens when a very pregnant lady is home alone with about 2 (very full) tablespoons of blue icing left over after icing an insane amount of cupcakes around lunch time?

Answer: Lunch is served?

Stage- whatever.  Three is it? Maybe four.  Either way the eye's have it!

Here is what I was aiming for-

Here is what P ended up with-

Happy (early) Birthday Pman!  Check back on Friday for the bday video.