Saturday, July 26, 2008

Post Pregnancy Body and You

I was determined that after I was not pregnant I would not wear maternity clothes. I have managed to stick to this. Now, before you go getting all jealous and then congratulating me through clenched teeth, let me explain.

For the first few days after Parker was born, I wore tank tops and yoga capri's (both non-maternity) everywhere I went...everywhere. These were the same clothes I wore to work out in the early pregnancy months as my belly grew until I just could not wear them anymore. This effectively stretched them out for me making it possible to wear them again immediately after having Parker. However, one can only wear old gym clothes so many times before people start to notice the repetitiveness and well the smell.
Side story: While wearing one of these lovely stretch out tired outfits I had an interesting encounter at a WAWA that made me realize I needed to step it up, fashion speaking. My mom and I were on our way home from the NICU and we were STARVING. We stopped at Wawa to pick up some sandwiches for a fancy dashboard dinner. At this point in the whole NICU mess, I was still pretty sore from the c-section and was usually being carted around in a wheelchair. By the end of the day my feet were swollen because my blood pressure was so off because of the stress and I usually had a headache. My point, I was feeling and likely looking like crap.
So I went into Wawa, not realizing I was being sized up and judged by the people inside and ordered my sandwich. I was so uncomfortable that I told my mom I had to just go sit in the car. I slowly...very slowly waddling to the car and made my way to the passenger door (I was not allowed to drive yet) I hear someone talking behind me. I did not know anyone at the Wawa and was not in the mood to make friends at the moment, so I ignored it. However, the voice got a bit louder and firmer. A lady...a big fat lady in a beat-up minivan was parked next to us. She was talking to me. When I realized what she was saying, I found she asked me if I was pregnant. When I said no while barely looking at her, she probed some more asking if I had just had a baby.
Now, what about me could have prompted that question? I mean really? What?
I mumbled some answer resembling yes and tried to hoist myself in the car without furthering this discussion because anytime I mention NICU I started to cry and I was getting sick of crying in front of strangers.
As I was struggling to get in the car she proceeded to ask me about the delivery and the baby. As I said, I was in no mood to make friends in the Wawa parking lot of a town I do not even live in, so I barked some answer about no wanting to talk about it and she drove away. She was obviously pissed too.
She was pissed off!? She just called me fat and then asked about my personal life.
On the drive home I was reflecting back on the situation and decided that if I had a slightly better ensemble, perhaps strangers would not assume I was pregnant and attempt to have a conversation with me about it.

So one day on the way to the NICU my mom and I stopped at Any Taylor (only because it was on the way) and I got 3 dresses. This meant I was either wearing smelling old stretched out gym clothes or a nice stylish dress. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum! P.S. Don't judge me for going shopping on the way to the NICU. If helps, I cried in the dressing room.

I also quickly found out that to pump or breastfeed in a dress means you have to practically fully disrobe, which is not always convenient.

This all led to a shopping trip this past week with my mom, Parker and me. Parker's first trip to the mall and possibly first step down the rainbow path leading to Gay-ville. First of all, I had to buy a size bigger than I care to admit. My mom is so great, she was in the cheering section of every dressing room saying, "You are only 4 weeks postpartum! This size is not forever!" God willing!

I do not want to be this size forever. Truth be told I am only 1 or 2 sizes up from what I normally wear, depending on the day, and I have hit the weight loss plateau and those last 5 to 10 will NOT GO AWAY! I did manage to find some normal clothes that will fashionably cover my tail until I fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I still have to buy jeans, I have none and I am DREADING that, pray for me.

All of the weight loss stuff is frustrating because I cannot officially work out yet. I take Parker (and sometimes Abby) on 2 mile(ish) walks everyday, but I need to build up the endurance. I go to the doctor this week and if she gives me the all clear I will be joining a gym and Mission: Lose the Rest of the Baby Weight will commence. My neighbor had a little girl a month before I had Parker and sometimes we take the kids for a walk together, which is fun, but then I feel guilty because when I come home, poor Abby is still sitting by the door like "What the hell? I used to go with you on those walks!" If my neighbor cannot go on the walk then Abby is allowed to come. Two strollers and two dogs (neighbor has a dog too) is just too much.

In the walks involving both Parker and Abby craziness ensues. And by craziness, I mean that people I walk past think I am crazy for walking them both. I'm not going to say it is easy and I am not going to deny running over Abby's back paw a time or two, but we manage. Yes, yes I have run over Abby's back paw more than once. She howls, people stare, it's not pretty.
I'm sure they all think that I am some sort of unfit mother, but whatever, read my previous entry about the town that is North Beach, Maryland and the people in it. Bless their hearts.
I am posting some pics here for those of you who have not seen any yet. Enjoy!
In the second picture, no that is not a baby's a snap, but the face is too precious to pass up!

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