Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Halloween

October 31, 2008- Parker's first Halloween!

If you can't tell from the picture, he was some sort of monster/dragon thing. It actually said "little monster" on the bottoms of the feet. (See Below.)

He hated the hood, but was pretty agreeable to wearing it for a bit. We took him to two friend's houses and then came home to hand out candy. We only took him to two houses because Josh has strong feelings about not taking kids out trick or treating if they do not even have teeth. Because of our venture out to TWO houses we missed the bulk of tricker treaters leaving me with a large basket of Milky Ways, Skittles and Junior Mints to eat by Thanksgiving because I hate to mix my holidays. No worries, I feel up to the challenge.
In addition to his feeling about babies trick or treating, Josh refuses candy to anyone with basically a sweatshirt and tennis shoes on as a costume. He also is strongly against kids over the age of about 12 coming to the door for candy. Josh wants kids, he wants costumes and he wants to hear "Trick or Treat!" Darn it!
In fact, last year he was attempting to take a stand on this issue. After a few hours of doling out stale Starbursts and Snickers to, as Josh puts it, unappreciative teenagers who are much to old and had uncreative outfits, he decided to make these "kids" work for their candy. If you had a five o'clock shadow and a W-2 you either had to work for the 50 cent candy or move along.
Josh did everything short of asking teenagers to tap dance and then mow the lawn.
Finally, feeling superior to the neighborhood rif-raf a oldish looking child comes up. Now, we have a small porch with 3 steps. Josh sits on the porch to hand out the candy, but wants the kids to make the effort to come up the few steps we have- If you can't do steps, you can't get candy.
So this oldish child comes up. I was not out there, so I am not sure how this kid actually came up, but nonetheless, he asked Josh for candy. This is how it went down:
Josh: Come on kid, why can't you at least come up here to get the candy?!
Kid's mom: He has Spina Bifida and has difficulty with stairs.
*Note: It may not have been Spina Bifida, but we know he could not walk up the steps.
(After a few awkward silent moments seeming like hours)
Josh: Oh I'm sorry dude! Here have some extra candy!
(Toss handfuls upon handfuls into the kids bag.)
Kid's mom: Oh, he can't hear you, he's deaf.
Play on Josh, play on.
Side story: While I did not vote for Obama, I think it is rather remarkable that our nation elected a man who physically does not fit the mold that has been cast by thousands of years of American history.
Now, we need to stand together as a nation and lead by example for all our little guys and gals. Who knows who will be the next President, literally!
Ok, I'm off that soapbox and back into that basket of Halloween candy!!

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