Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snowflakes That Stay on My Nose and Eyelashes...

I am sleep deprived and therefore, easily frustrated. Instead of continuing to take it out on the dog, because really, she neither has double pink eye nor does she have bronchitis, both of which are currently inflicting Parker. She also has not been waking me up several times throughout the night with screaming, wailing cries wanting only to be held. Also, it was Parker, not Abby, who forced me to cancel 2 play dates in the last 48 hours. Play dates that would have provided me adult conversation with veteran moms.

I would also like to mention that because of my ill son, I also missed out on some valueable gym time.

So in an effort to highlight that, seemingly elusive, silver lining, I am going to remind myself of a few of my favorite things.

Parker's smile, toothless as it is, it is my sunshine!

Parker's giggle when I tickle him.When Parker sees me in the morning and smiles like I am the bestest in the whole world. He even does this funny arm twirl thing. I used to think this was an indication of some sort of neurological issue, but have come to see it as an endearing sign of excitement.

Watching Josh try to figure out Parker's toys when he plays with Parker. He is usually able to do this in a few minutes...usually.

Seeing Parker light up when Josh walks in the door after being away at work all day.

Nose kisses from Parker.

When someone else gets stuck changing a poopy diaper. Now that these are fairly regular, pardon the pun, I am not so obsessed with them.

Loosing baby weight as Parker gains it. The little monkey is weighing in at just over 19 pounds and he is almost 8 month!

Watching Pfunk figure out the world around him. He is reaching for toys, trying- desperately- to crawl and we had to take out the top portion of his Pack N Play because he was pulling himself up and nearly flipping over the side.

I have favorite things, not related to Parker- flavored calorie-free water, teaching students who want to learn, laughing with people I love, holding the new baby of one of my of best friends, cooking a dinner and wanting to actually eat the leftovers the next night...wine...I really like wine.

But most of all my family and friends- my healthy happy family and friends are my favorite.

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Gavin said...

Aw, sorry to hear that P-rock is under the weather. Hope he rebounds soon!