Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank God for Hard Heads...

It was bound to happen.

And really, I'm ok with it. Really I am.

When it is all said and done, everyone is fine, save for a small bump.

Confession: Parker fell off the bed today.

Onto the hardwood floor.

Head first.

Here's how it went down . We were in the master bedroom on the king sized bed. Parker, who has started doing a version of crawling, was flopping about in the middle of the bed. I was right there. I stood up, still looking right at him and in one flowing fluid motion he rolled over to a crawlish position and boom, he was off.
I was right there. I just could not grab him quick enough. In the past I have been able to grab him and prevent the fall. Every time I did this, I said a little prayer that when he does actually fall, it is not that bad. I mean we all knew he was going to fall eventually, despite my best efforts.

When he made contact with the unforgiving hardwood floors he did the thing all mom's dread. He laid for a second or two, motionless, noiseless on the ground. Simultaneous to his fall, I yelled his name several times. I continued to say his name until the screams and tears came, which of course, they did. Both in abundance.

No not from me.

I actually did a good job of holding it together. I have learned that Parker, as most- if not all- babies, feed off their parent's reactions. The first few times I vacuumed after Pfunk was born he made a pre-cry face. So I sang Old MacDonald's Farm (one of his all time favs) and smiled and he just did what I did. Now, the vacuum is of no concern to him, mostly because I do not do it. Similarly, one time he was sitting up in the crib and smacked his head on the side of the it. I know it hurt. I heard it. But I just looked at him, smiled and said, "Oh, I bet that hurt, but you are ok." And for some reason he believed and went on tear-free!

This fall off the bed, however, brought on the waterworks despite anything I said. I probably could have offered him any one of the Victoria's Secret swimsuit models on a silver platter and he still would have wailed his tail off. Understandably so.

I scooped up my little monkey and he cried while burrowing his little head into my chest. He also does this when he is tired. I love when he does this. It makes me appreciate that he will not always be this small, or just wants me to soothe him. He just wanted his mommy to make it better. I just held him, kissed his blonde head and told him he was ok and there was no blood. I did not know about the blood thing really because he would not let me look at him. I'm not sure if I said no blood to comfort me or him. Who am I kidding? I said it to comfort me.

In an attempt to make it better, I turned on the ceiling fan. He loves the ceiling fan. My hunch was correct and the fan quickly became a distraction from the recent trama. When it was all said and done, he has a small bump on the side of his head and the whole episode, fall to fan was about 6 minutes. He's such a trooper!

Pfunk spend the rest of the night flirting with the girls at the gym, eating- his favorite pass time, quasi-crawling and clapping. Yes, he learned how to clap. And he does it -All. The. Time. Although, asking him to clap does nothing. You have to say YEH in a high pitched voice while smiling and clapping and he will mimic you. We have been practicing clapping for a while since they do a lot of it at the reading circle at the library. He just was not into it. In fact, he already has this face that just screams, "Give me a BREAK!" And that is the look I typically got whenever I tried to encourage clapping. At the same time I was also trying to teach him to say more in sign language, which is a very similar motion to clapping. So really, I'm not sure if Parker is clapping or saying more. Curious.

His final trick of the moment is to move in all directions, including forward, in his walker. Previously he only went backwards. He's actually pretty funny about ramming into chairs, the Pack and Play and Abby. Not really Abby, but he would if she didn't run away in fear every time he heads in her direction. He also can reach the DVD player and the cable box. He is currently working on splicing the cable so that he can watch Sprout in his own damn room.

He is truly becoming such a little boy. Always dirty, always smiling- well mostly smiling and always getting into something.

Next week I am going to the New Kids on the Block concert. I'm sure the post to follow will have little to do with Parker and much to do with Jordan, Joey, Johnathan, Donnie and that other guy no one really every liked anyway...Danny was it? Either way, I'm hoping to have such a good time that I make it on to the evening news...

*I will soon post a picture of Pmoney to prove his is a-ok.*

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