Monday, September 21, 2009

A Photo Journal of a Rainy Day

Last Thursday it looked like it was going to rain at any point.  I had an appointment to get my hair cut (it looks the same despite paying more than 50 dollars) and I had to do some work.  I had a sitter set up for Pman for the afternoon.  Since the gray clouds were looming overhead, I decided to dedicate my time to Pmoney for the morning.  This is a photo journal of that fateful (read: very tough) day. 

First, we ate breakfast.  He is very happy in the morning and will gladly throw his hands up in the air when you say, "Where's BIG BOY?" signaling that he, in fact, is big boy.  Beware- he will throw his hands up in the air REGARDLESS of what is in them at the time.  Food and toys have been known to go hurdling across the room.

This was taken mere moments after the previous one, but doesn't it look like I ran this kid ragged all day?  Honestly, this non-rainy rain day was no good.  I was the one who was run ragged.  Our house is small, but doing 389 laps in an hour in a 10'x10' space chasing a toddler, is surprisingly tiring.  Shortly after this photo was taken he went down for a 45 minute nap.  I figured he would take a nap in the morning, but I was counting on it being later in the morning and a bit longer.  Like at least 45 minutes longer than it was.

"Seriously, are you going to be in my face all day with that thing?"  Recharged after his (way) too short nap.  I think he looks like he is about to rip the camera out of my hands.  I know this is only the third picture in the sequence, but it was probably the 23 one I had taken.

Lego Crawl
He likes to play with legos- thank you whoever got him these for his birthday.  Well, play is probably not the correct word.  He really likes dumping them ALL out and throwing them around the room. He seems to like the noise they make- or the yelling noises I make as he lobbs them at me while I duck and cover behind the couch.

The good news is he does actually put them away.  He does this with bath toys too.  It is quite possibly one of my favorite things about him.  It comes so natural to him and it is SO me.  He may look like daddy, but personalitywise, he is all mama!

Apparently this generation is not meant to hear the word no. Apparently we parents are supposed to "redirect" negative behavior and praise positive behavior yielding a generation of rule abiding, appraisal seeking people pleasers. When I was not dodging legos I "redirected" Psizzle away from the sliding screen door that leads to the deck that he opens. I have found him a couple times on the deck digging through the recycling, plant dirt, and generally scaring the crap out of Abby, who spend most of her days on the deck (who can blame her!) After one of these deck visits he came toddling back into the house holding a beer bottle. When I yelled at him...I mean asked him to put the bottle back, he looked at me and with a completely straight face put the bottle up to his lips. In this photo he was just "redirected" away from the deck. This means it is time to walk to the front door and pull on the runner on the side table by the door. You know the one with heavy wooden box on it and lamp- yea that's the one. Redirect my ass! Eventually we were both sitting in the middle of the living room floor- crying

Snack Time!
Do you know how hard it is to take a picutre of a 15 month old eating a banana that does not look wildly inappropriate? 

After I did my afternoon errands and picked Pfunk up from the sitters, he came home and took a nap. 

For two and a half hours. 

He went down at 3:30p.m. This nap time is atypical at this stage in the Pman game.

While he slept it (finally) started drizzling out. I put some crap in the crock pot for dinner and settled in the watch my DVR'ed episode of...well I'm almost too ashamed to tell you...One Life to Live.  Around 6 Josh called to say he was almost home.  I checked on dinner as I talked to Josh. 
Know what?
If you put raw chicken, potatoes and carrots in the crock pot at 4p.m. it is not ready by 6p.m.
In fact, it is not even close.

I told Josh we would have to meet him at Neptunes (local pub) if we wanted to eat dinner that night.  I had the best intentions, but pub grub is where we ended up.  Thankfully the place can be a bit loud and the patrons are usually very wasted, so a cranky mommy and baby went hardly unnoticed.  Every thing went fairly well, but I will say Josh had a beer AND a dirty martini with dinner.  What about Pman you ask?

Well, because he apparently was not in the mood  for chicken tenders or fries or anything else we offered him and because I just could not fight it anymore, my son ate cake for dinner that night.  Go ahead call the authorities who govern obese children. I give!

Also, we skipped his bath that night- and the following night.  Sweet Jesus, please don't turn us in!

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