Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Old Times and Gooey Goodness

Things have been happening recently- mainly one thing, really. I have no control over this thing, but I am directly affect and effected by it.

Confession: I am getting old(er). I am staring down the barrel of 30. My birthday is in July, but I will accept gifts throughout the year.

When I was a teenager I used to know I would always be cool. Then, after graduating college and having to purchasing a couple smart, sensible pant suits, I hoped I would at least be cool on the weekend. Now when I use the word "cool," I am typically referring to the weather.

I recently told someone, who is in their late teens/early twenties, that Josh got me a Wii Fitness for Christmas. I was quickly corrected and told that I had a Wii Fit, not fitness. This does not seem like a big deal, but I can distinctly remember saying things like that to my parents and thinking they were idiots for their slight mispronunciation.

It's not Language Arts, it's English. I wasn't in Glee Club, I was in All County Choir. It was not Dave Matthew Band it was Dave MatthewS Band. And while I’m at it, I like(d) Phish as in the band, not as in bait and tackle.

Big deal to some, small potatoes to most.

Further evidence that I am getting older: The other day I put my hair in a half ponytail and revealed *gasp* stray, wiry, gray hairs. No worries. I promptly pulled out my Loreal Feria French Roast at-home hair coloring kit and set things right. <…Sweet Lord…>

This morning for breakfast I had an English Muffin- Double Fiber English Muffin. DOUBLE FIBER? How did those get in my fridge? When did I decided not only that I need more fiber in my life, but I needed to double it up? Ten years ago, I'm not even sure I knew what fiber was, what it did, or why I needed it. Now, I'm getting a double daily dose at breakfast. I also have Fiber One granola bars in my "snack" cabinet.

When I went off to college, my mom cleaned out her cabinets and passed off...I mean passed down, the Hodge Podge of dishes that had accumulated over the years with 4 children in the house. A few years ago I replaced the dishes, but I still had mismatched coffee mugs. About two weeks ago I opened my cabinet, and for reasons I still do not understand, I threw out all my coffee mugs. Then I packed up sweetP and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond armed with one of my many coupons. I purchased matching plain white, sensibly sized, coffee mugs. My world has been harmonious and happy ever since.

As I was drinking coffee out of one of my perfectly pristine and matchy white mugs this morning, I congratulated myself on another perfectly brewed and prepared cup of joe. (It’s the little things.) I do not like dark roasted coffee, nor do I enjoy light roasted varieties- don't even get me started on instant. A friend of mine is of the mindset that coffee should be black and only black and not sweet in any way.

I, however, like Coffeemate poured in mug until the steamy beverage is the perfect shade of taupe. Then, depending on the strength of the coffee and the size of the mug, I stir in a tablespoon or two of sugar. SUGAR. Not splenda, truvia, equal or sweet and low- BLECH! To me, the sugar is worth the extra calories. Also, to the waitress or hostess who feels the need to refill my cup after only a sip or two, I say, "Thank you kindly, but QUIT IT!" When I have my coffee just so and you top me off you throw off the delicious balance I have going on, thereby pissing me off.

SEE?! Right there! See, I even have a particular way I like to have my coffee and I just sounded off at an invisible, made up waitress. If that is not the act of an old person, I don't know what is.

As I finish this up, I am sipping very chocolaty hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. This hot chocolate is not infused with fiber. Nor is it light or fat free. This is a mug of whole milk, yummy, rich chocolate powder crap and marshmallowy goodness. It is in an old lady matchy matchy white pristine mug, but it's all guilt-free gooey goodness that is childhood on the inside.


Mad Mrs. E said...

I was hoping you'd discuss your granny panties...maybe next post?

Minivan Lover said...

Granny panties deserve their own past, yes.

Nancy C said...

And you're even getting a grown up house! What the heck?