Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- almost.

I'm starting this wordless Wednesday thing. It's a blogger thing.

Here is my first one.

I call it- The Difference Between Girls and Boys, OR It All Comes Out In the Wash.

These are pictures of my friend's daughter with Pman. I babysat her for a few days through the course of a few weeks while my friend was between sitters. The Little Lady is a month older than SweetP. She is also much more vocal (she has an older sister). LL LOVES Pman. She has several pictures of the two of them in her room and in the morning when my friend is changing LL's diaper the she usually glances up at the pictures and says, "Parker! Hold him." Then my friend gives LL a photo to hold.
Recently, while looking at one of the pictures, LL said, "Parker! We're friends."
Now, that is precious!


A finger painting (and eating) session
Note the ...creative picture the little lady is working on. 

Eating lunch.
My friend always packed a yummy looking and healthy lunch for LL.  However, Pfunk and the Little Lady (cool name for a band huh?) inevitably shared lunch. P was much more messy about it.

Ok, so in reference to the amount of pictures-"it" turned out to be "them". And "wordless" turnout to be quite a few words actually.

Conclusion: Boys are not always messier than girls.
Conclusion #2: I need to be less wordy on Wordless Wednesday
Conclusion #3: It is actually really early on Thursday morning (couldn't sleep).

Wow, my first attempt at Wordless Wednesday may be a failure.


Nancy C said...

I declare it successful.

Mad Mrs. E said...

You can call it "not as wordy as I usually am" Wednesdays....!