Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Feel a Part II Coming On...

Discipling Parker.
Comforting Parker.
Locking myself out of the house.
Making dinner.
Grocery shopping.
Changing diapers.
Losing my wallet.

Common factor: The items on the above list cause a person (me) to feel as though they (again me) are stuck in their own personal version of Groundhog Day.

Most recently, the last item on the list is causing me a slight bit of repeat embarrassment.

I just posted this about losing my wallet.

I am a mother (a pretty darn good one if I do say so myself), a wife (mostly good most of the time) and a college trusts me to teach paying students how to be effective communicators and write standard early college level essays. However, I cannot seem to hold onto my wallet despite the fact that it even has a little strap that my wrist fits in perfectly. I cannot manage to go a month without misplacing it- severely.

It took me a full  6 hours to admit I lost it. I swore I would find it. I would not give in. I was on a quest.

Hours later, my determination dwindled and I conceded.

My first call was to cancel my credit card. As I the words were slowly dripping out of my mouth, “I need to report my card lo...lossssss...losT.” it hit me- if I cancelled my cards, I would be in the middle of moving without any connection to my money. If I cancelled mine then J’s would be shut down too.

I was near tears and my voice was beginning to shake. The nice man from my bank told me he would rush my new credit card and waive the “rush” fee.

One reason I love being a girl is the way men react when you get emotional- it’s like a damsel in distress/knight in shining armor thing and I’m 100% ok with it.

Once again, thank you kind stranger.

Then I realized I also have to get a new license, library card, Safeway Club Card, Giant Club Card, Banana Republic Credit Card, debit card and school faculty ID.

Not to mention hundreds of dollars in gift cards- mostly Home Depot earmarked for 3 ceiling fans with lights. When you come to the new house you need to come in the hours of daylight or see the house via candlelight.

I also lost P's orange ID card from Hopkins. This makes me teary for real- for real.

As if all of this is not a blow enough, now I have to relive my absentmindedness several times over to total strangers. A majority of these customer service representatives are nice, sympathetic and helpful, however not all fall into that category.

I suppose it is not all bad, I needed to change my address anyway with most of these places, but calling to say, "Hey! look at me in my new house, please send further correspondence to ____."

Is very different from saying, "I'm a sieve head and no longer have my wallet. Or possibly my son threw it away while I was not watching him- I think I saw him run by with scissors and my pink Vera Bradley wallet. I couldn't really see through my glass though- red wine is quite opaque."

As if all of this was not punishment enough- now I have to go to the MVA armed with my passport and settlement papers in an attempt to get a new license with my new address. I PRAY they make this easy. (har-har)

Also, Josh is a very smart man. He did not say word one about any of this. He just occupied Psizzle as I dug through the trash, tore apart my car, and unpacked a few recently packed boxes.

no luck- obviously.

Stay tuned- a trip to the MVA usually means a bonus blog entry.


Nancy C said...

What can I say? This sucks. I'm sorry.

Misty said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you that you find it. Lost wallets suck, I know I've lost my repeatedly. I think I get a new drivers license every year.

Mad Mrs. E said...

"seive head"...I likey. I hope your new drivers license picture comes out well ;)

lkanski321 said...

Yikes! but, it can always be worse right!? andrew lost his ss card in his wallet. that's a "seive head" :)