Sunday, February 7, 2010

Suck It Up

Yesterday I deemed myself officially over the flu. I was still a bit nauseous and could only stomach half a bowl of chicken broth and a few small sips of ginger ale, but those were both major improvements.

Josh was attempting to sleep off the last of his bug as P and I played in the living room, when I had a thought. Could I get out of the house if I needed to?

I opened the heavy door and saw about 8 inches of snow piled up against the glass front door. We were literally snowed in. I tried opening it and closing it little by little there by pushing the snow ever so slowly out of my way so I could squeeze out and start properly digging with a shovel.

No such luck. The door was bowing. The glass bending.

After much thought I figured the only thing left to do was jump out the living room window. I have actually climbed in this very window many times as I went through a period where upon I forgot my key like it was my job.

Since the snow was very deep I did not have any leverage and like a reverse Winnie The Pooh in the honey tree, I was stuck in the window. Rather my right foot was stuck on the window frame. Josh had to push me out.

My neighbor, the one who left a Lazy Boy recliner outside for 3 weeks, witnessed the whole thing. Of course.

I trudged through the thigh-high snow and dug an exit path for my family. Sometimes, mommy just has to suck it up and dig her family out. It should be noted I did this on my own accord.  Josh thought I was nuts for jumping out the window to shovel at 5p.m. while it was still snowing.  He did laugh at me though.

Also, below is my favorite picture from this storm:


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Nancy C said...

You know you rock, right?