Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sieve Head

Confession: I'm crazy.

In the last three weeks I have:

-Lost my wallet

-Switched my bank (including online banking payments, automatic withdrawals and direct deposits.) I had a Bank of America account since I was 12. They suck. I moved on.

-Lost my keys. Josh was sweet and said P probably just hid they and that I will find them. Not yet.

-Backed into the mailbox and something known as a whiskey barrel (incidentally, this does not hold whiskey- it is for flowers) at the end of the driveway of a friend’s house.  Thankfully we are still friends, she is very understanding.

-Moved (toddler and old lady dog in tow) and nearly doubled our mortgage.

-We have someone doing a short rental in our townhouse. I had to drop the keys off at the tenants work. She works at a school. There are two schools next to each other- Sand Castle Middle School and Sand Castle Elementary School. I left the keys at the middle school. The tenant works at the elementary school.

-Had a terrifying nightmare that an adult sized beaver lived in our basement. I even screamed out, "Oh my God!" in my sleep and woke myself up.

-Finally I basically signed my infant son (read: nearly 2 year old) up for college (read: pre-school). Where he will take naps without me. Play without me. Learn without me. Thrive without me.

I'm spent.

I think I may let Pmonkey make dinner tonight. I have a feeling it will involve icing, peanut butter and crackers.


lkanski321 said...

UGH! I feel you. Something is in the air, just yesterday dad and I were both saying we felt mentally "off" like we are both acting like total sieve heads! Although, I cannot imagine how it would feel to sign your kid up to learn, play, and just BE without you. Shew, that's a big deal!

Nancy C said...

He knows who is mommy is, and he will always be happiest in your arms.

That picture is stinking adorable.