Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chocolaty Goodness

The other day I tried to make fudge.

There was no real reason. I had some time and semi sweet baking chocolate. I got the flavor exactly like I wanted it by adding a bit of cinnamon, vanilla and powdered sugar.

The texture however was bit off. Sort of like a thin fudge or a think ganache. You could not cut it and hold it like square of fudge al a Candy Kitchen style.

I was telling some friends about this bowl of chocolate in my fridge. Well, P must have overheard and made some sort of toddler mental note. For that very afternoon when I was trying to figure out what to make his highness for lunch, I hear sounds of delight. Lip smacking, finger sucking, giggling delight.

I glance down and see this:

Close up on the chocolatey goodness.  You will notice the clean scrapes that only a spoon can make.  I cannot tell a lie.  This chocolate goo I made was damn good on vanilla ice cream.  Damn. Good. (I'm only slightly ashamed of myself for eating more than my fair share.)

Parker on the other hand is clearly not ashamed of himself. 

He would like a second order and this time, less flash photography please.

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Nancy C said...

Oh, that sweet happy face!!