Thursday, May 20, 2010

On the Up-Swing

While Josh fights to battle that is a Geico insurance claim and my sister, dad and mom work on getting their store up and running again, I take pictures.

These pictures serve as proof (read: reminders) that this past weekend was not all crashes and fire.

Thanks to Grammy and Pop Pop, who live mere minutes away from a beach front boardwalk which includes several ARCADES, Sweet P has discovered a love for all things video games and flashing lights and loud whistling noises.  Josh and I don't have any sort of video terminal in our house and we are trying to keep it that way for as long as possible.  We know though that it is inevitable that at some point in his life, P will want the newest version of Atari or whatever.  You may remember I mentioned that Josh bought me a Wii for Christmas- well actually he bought the Wii Fit board. 

We do not actually have the main Wii video gaming device thing. 

Anyway, his squeals of delight are just the best.  Boardwalk arcades must seem like some mini versions of Vegas to these toddlers.

Recently on Thursday's I have been watching a little boy who is about a month or so younger than P.  His mom is between sitters and about to go on maternity leave.  Last week it was raining outside so I invited another little boy and his mama over to play. 

Few things can tear up a house quicker than 3 toddler boys.  Even with 2 moms right there.

Today it was nice out, so I asked the little boy's mom to pack his bathing suit so I could let the boys run around in the sprinkler to kill time...err...I mean for fun.

Both Parker and the other little boy were seemingly afraid, no terrified, of the sprinkler. 

It was the type where the water shoots out of about two dozen little holes in steady even streams.  The little water shoots rotate from right to left hovering a bit in the middle creating a rain-like affect.

The boys ran away and had looks of horror on their faces like the sprinkler was shooting out pure acid on their sweet little toddler faces.

So, this was my solution:

I filled up two over sized tupperware containers.

They did this- stood in the containers- for about 30 minutes, screaming every time the deadly, threatening, scary sprinkler came their way.


Lynsey said...

LOL kid are weird.. both of those little boys standing in their own bins hahaha I love that pic of dad and P too! What a little bundle of joy he really is :)

Lynsey said...

*kids are weird*

Nancy C said...

I too love the boys in the "pool."

Owen thinks that Funland at Rehoboth is awesome sauce. He and P-man would have fun there together.

Renee said...

You are such a survivor. You gotta make things work with what you got. If they don't like the sprinkler well put water in buckets and let them eat their heart out.