Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Parker Taught Me Today

Today was the first beach day of the season for Pfunk and me. He loves loves loves the beach. Last summer he loved it even more than the pool. Actually, this was not his first trip to the beach this year.

On May 1 he was at my parent's house and they took him to the beach to play in the sand. He got in the water. It was cold, I'm told. My parents did not get in. Parker did not seem to mind the water temperature. It was water and that is all he needs for a good time.

On to the lessons for the day:

1. Collecting sea glass with a 2 year old is super fun. I started a collection of sea glass today. There are no plans for these weathered pieces of odd shaped glass, but for now I will put them in a clear glass jar. Once I buy a clear glass jar.

2. Seashells make a yummy beach snack. They are crunchy like potato chips. AND salty like potato chips. Are you sure these aren't potato chips?

3. When collecting seashells or sea glass or gravel, the top of your mom's bathing suit is a good place to store them. If only she would stop squirming and pulling them out. Does she know how long it took me to get that specific handful of gravel?

4. It is apparently Parker's job to put every piece of sand on the beach, back into the ocean. Grainy bit by grainy bit.

5. Pman and I spotted at least 6 dead baby crabs on the beach. I picked up the first one and put it with our stuff so we could take it home. Then I saw another one and another and another. It became less interesting and more sad. I hope they perished because of natural baby crab causes and not because of some twisted off shoot from the wretched oil spoil in the Gulf. Double damn you BP!

6. My son does not care what I look like in a bathing suit. He loves me and wants me to roll in the sand and then parade down the beach with him in all our sandy glory. He wants me to join him while he is in the water and then as he sits directly on the dry, hot sand. Living my life with a toddler in tow has made me less self conscience, more aware of the world around me, determined to be a better person and happier.

Question of the Day: How is it SweetP, that I am almost 30 years old, but I feel like my life just began nearly 2 years ago?


Mad Mrs. E said...

"natural baby crab causes" -lol! Got your text to join u! But I had to drop off Milo at daycare and then go home and back to bed.

yeah. another good night at the E house!

Anonymous said...
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Mom said...

What kind of followers do you have that their comments must be monitored and removed?! You were raised better than That.

Minivan Lover said...

Dear mom
It was an advertisement that said something like "Why are you for to make money?"
Hence the deletion.