Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good Thing He's a Happy Kid

Happy 4th of July! I have a brother who is a Marine and spent more than his fair share of time overseas fighting for our freedom and safety. I have an uncle who is a MIA POW from Vietnam. My grandfather, like most of our grandfathers, fought in WWII and liberated concentration camps, and my grandmother was an Army nurse and is honored in a museum in DC.

You are an inspiring, humbling lot and I love you.

Recently Josh and I heard that the Enchanted Forest is back up and running. Though J and I did not know each other when we were that wee of tikes, we both have fond memories of the Enchanted Forest. Yesterday we took our littleP to check it out. In full disclosure, we really wanted to go check it out for ourselves, we just happen to have a toddler with us who provided a great cover.

Here is a photo journal (of sorts) chronicling our day:

Oh the nostalgia!

If you don't know or don't remember, the Enchanted Forest is centered around Mother Goose Nursery Rhythms. Here you see Jack and Jill falling down the hill. That is their pail of water you see in the background. In the foreground you will see Parker, sitting on Jill’s face.

Then he got stung by a bee.  This is a first for him.  It ruined his world for about 10 minutes.

Then it was all feed the goats! Ride the horses!

There was an unfortunate run in with a very large black sheep. (God I wish I had a video of this!) As Pman approached the largest sheep I have ever seen, the wooly animal looked straight at him and bellowed out the loudest "BAAAA" I have ever heard. Without skipping the slightest hint of a beat, P screamed with terror, turned and ran in the other direction. He did not look back to see if J or I followed. He wanted out and quick! When P runs his shaggy blonde locks bounce about his head. When he is running in a fit of terror from a caged-in sheep it makes the hair bounce all the more pathetic and therefore hilarious.

We also enjoyed an uneventful hay ride and every sliding board the place had to offer. Then we went to visit some friends.  While there P leaned on a broken table and fell flat on his face.  Resulting in a fat bloody lip.

The day ended about 2 hours after his normal bedtime. I was trying to hard to get him to stay up for fireworks, but really the kid had a loooong day. As I dragged him out of the tub he said, "pee?"
I put him on the toilet and he did just that.
Talk about bounce back!

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