Friday, September 3, 2010

She's Crafty

Confession: Organization makes me irrationally happy.

I swoon at color coded file folders.  Binder clips make me weak in the knees. 

There is a special and specific place for every thing from potato chips to slivered almonds to tomato paste in my pantry and when they are not in their designated location, it makes me itchy.

Even my junk drawer is organized. Seriously.

So, I created an epically organized calendar for my 2 year old son.

Here's how I did it-
1. On you can create a sheet of 20 stickers for about $5.
  • I did 4 sheets- Pman and Mommy, Pman and Daddy, P and Gramma (she watches him every other Friday- WAY awesome), and another of his school.
2. I bought a $5 calendar from Target.
  • I had paper clips and index cards at home
3. I put a paperclip on the index card.  Then I stuck one of the stickers on top and cut around the index card, so each picture fit on the day square on the calendar. In the end I had many reusable papercliped stickers featuring the above mentioned people and place combos.

4. Then I cut slits in the top of every weekday.  I slipped the paperclipped picture into the slot so that when you look at the calendar you can see who P will spend his day with- every day for the entire month.

Here's what it looks like:

After dinner each night we go to the calendar and talk about what we did that day.  He pulls off the current picture and places it in a bag. 

Then we talk about who P will be with the next day.  He is learning how to tell today from tomorrow from yesterday AND he always knows what's coming next.  It's working! He woke up last Thursday (yesterday) and said, "Skoooo." (translation: school)  He remembered! (Or that's what I'm telling myself anyway.)

There it is.  I'm an organizing freak and I am passing the obsession onto my son- it seems. 

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