Friday, October 1, 2010

This is Why...

I think that as a family we have weak bed making skills.

I HATE making the bed. 
  • Fitted sheets fill me with rage. 
  • Uneven quilt lines make me itchy.
  • Mismatched pillowcases send me reeling with frustration. 
It is because of these reasons that bed making is no easy task for me.  Josh is not good at it because everything I just  mentioned, the things that make the very skin on my arms melt off, is exactly what J does when he makes the bed.

The above picture is what happened when P tried to "help" me make the bed.  This is actually a mattress on the floor in the front room of our house- no one really or regularly uses the mattress or room.  It's just an extra mattress. 

If you get drunk at our house and cannot drive home, you will sleep on this mattress.

I was hoping my children would have better bed making skills than J and a deeper passion (or were at least less neurotic) about bed making than me.

So far that is not the case.  I have high hopes baby #2 will be a bed making fiend.

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Nancy C said...

Ah, the rage of everyday tasks. I feel this way about unloading the dishwasher.