Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Commercials

Confession: I LOVE Christmas time.  I found a station on my car's radio that is already playing Christmas carols.  It was a chilly, gray, rainy day today, so holiday cheer was just what I needed on my somewhat long drive to meet some friends for lunch.

This time of year just make me feel sparkly inside- like I'm filled with strings of multi-colored lights and tinsel and warm homemade chocolate chip cookies.

My favorite commercials are the Hershey kisses as Christmas bells tinging out "O Christmas Tree", The Cheerio ones where Grandparents are enjoying the breakfast cereal with the grandchildren they rarely see and the Pamper's one where someone is singing a hypnotic version of "Silent Night:" while various babies sleep. I am a sucker for sleeping babies.

That is unless the sleeping babies are in a Kay Jeweler's television marketing ploy.

I loathe the Kay Jeweler's commercials.  These cheesy uncreative advertisements are on with such frequency during this time of year, it makes me want to throw a wad of mistletoe at my television or scratch out my own eyes with my dull blunt fingernails.  The one that most recently sent me reeling was one involving a young mother, her sleeping baby and an inconsiderate man.

Scene: Mom rocking the infant in front of an unlit Christmas tree.  She makes a point to whisper to her husband, as he enters the room, to be quiet because it's 2 a.m. and junior finally fell asleep.  So what does hubby/daddy do?  Plug in the tree and give his wife a small box.

I saw this while sitting on the couch with Josh.  We both laughed, then looked at each other.  I said, "Why are you laughing?" 
Josh replied, "Because the idiot plugged in the tree! If I did that you would punch me or kick me or at the very least threaten my life verbally and sincerely."

He's right.
And that is exactly why I was laughing too.

If he's going to risk waking up a baby it better be for 2 carat diamond stud princess cut earrings.  Or something like that... 

What moron plugs in a Christmas tree that is next to an infant who has just been described as  finally falling asleep?

Then at the end of the commercial, it is revealed that the gift was a watch.

Without any prompting, Josh said, "Humph! He risked waking up the baby for a watch!"

The unrealisticness- it's a word...- of the commercial is annoying.  However, I know that at some point I will see the commercial again, but the gift will be a ring, or a mother and child bracelet or heart shaped earrings.  It will be the same exact commercial expect for the end.  I find this annoying and because of this will not shop at Kay.

This entry was not sponsored by any sort of retailer, even the ones I spoke fondly of.  This is how I spread holiday cheer.


Nancy C said...

Ugh! I HATE those commercials. All the Mother's Day ones especially bother me. I'm all about honoring mom, but when did diamonds enter the equation?

Anonymous said...

This has to be the worst Kay commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltA50HKyM14

His voice is so sinister when he says, "I always will be." I feel like I'm watching a Stephen King trailer. Also, grown women who are afraid of thunderstorms need counseling, not jewelry.

- Libby

Mom said...

I hate Jane Seymour and her open heart pendant. Christ, Jane you'd think you found a cure for cancer! She labored for hours, days and months for that! With that little open area on the heart, I'd be forver pulling my hair out of it. And how good would that look, with a hair ball hanging from the heart???

ModernMom said...

I for one love all the commercials too. Just not the toy one's that suddenly make my kids have a whole bunch of "needs" lol

Anonymous said...

Has Christmas thrown up in your house yet :)
I truely hate those commercials too! I wouldn't step foot in Kay Jewlers even if they were giving away diamonds...

Every moment I throw up in my mouth begins with KAY!

Penny Justin said...

LOL loved your thoughts ... that commercial was def thought up by a man who apparently is NOT married nor has a baby ...