Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Seriously, this post is not for the squeamish or those uncomfortable with anything related to the inner workings of a uterus.

When I am pregnant I am dumb.  I cannot remember anything and formulating a cohesive thought and turning it into a sentence, takes many hours of extensive brain power.

So when I went to my first OBGYN appointment and she asked, "What was the date of your late period?"  I had no idea.  I knew the question was coming, they ask it whether you are pregnant or not.  I could not remember. 

The most perplexing thing is that I had to know that date, so I could do the proper counting of ovulation days, which lead to me getting pregnant in the first place.  But there I was in the office with no date in mind.

I have an understanding and amazing doc and she did a quick in-office sonogram and said it looked like I was about 10 weeks, but she needed to be exactly sure.  I want to have a scheduled c-section for many reasons I may explore in this blog later.

In order to properly schedule the c-section, we needed to know exactly when I got pregnant and exactly when I will be due.  My doc gave me a referral for a sonogram and told me to schedule it as quickly as possible, which ended up being 2 days later.  Josh could not get off work and since my mom was not able to come to any of Pman's sono's I invited her to come with me to see the first official glimpse of baby #2.

No worries, Josh was there when the doc did the in-office sono.

The day of the appointment came and my mom and I were called back into the room.  Since I had one of these with Parker, I was not concerned about any weirdness.  It was going to be a simple external, meaning wand on the tummy, sonogram. 

It is important for you to know, I am not a person who wanted anyone in the delivery room other than the necessary medical staff and Josh.  I'm a private about my privates.

A little jelly on the belly, pants around the hips, all lady parts covered.  Done and done.

For the first portion of the sonogram, that is all that happened.  Then the lady handed me a less than sturdy paper sheet and said, "You can use the bathroom [located in the room] and then remove all your clothes from the waist down.  Just wrap the sheet around you."


I went in the restroom and, in a state of shock, did as I was told.

I came back out  to the room and basically moonwalked over to the table so as to not flash my oversized, pale pregnant rear in my mom's direction.  Honestly, it would have been blinding.

I tried (desperately) to talk my mom into standing next to my head instead of sitting in the chair at the business end of things.  If she stood though, she would not have seen anything on the screen.  The room was dark and there was a sheet and this is specifically why I invited her- to see the baby.  The sono lady assured me that I was fully covered and my mom could not see anything. 

Then she pulled out a large wand.  She motioned, with the wand, in the direction of the sheet, and said, "I'm going to hand this to you and insert it like you would a tampon."  She said tampon, but come on, I have never used or even seen a tampon the size of my forearm.  It is not like inserting a tampon.

And also, LADY!? MY MOM IS. RIGHT. HERE!!!
Couldn't I just swallow the wand or something?  There has to be another way to make this happen. 

Alas, there was not. 

With no other options, I followed the instructions.  I totally forgot about any awkwardness when a clear picture of my little bean popped up on the screen.

Truth be told, the sheet really did go to my ankles, my mom was totally fixated on the screen and we never spoke of 'the indecent incident', thankfully.  I was so happy she was able to come with me to the appointment, not because I thought anything would be wrong, but because this is something unique to this baby. 

Growing up in a large family taught me that different kids require different things.  As parent's you can try to keep things even-Stevens, but in the end, that is not typically possible.  Each child will have their own desires, needs and experiences. It is up to me as the mommy to make sure they celebrate their own successes, as well as, the accomplishments of their siblings. 

Parker has a special relationship with my parents and I know this new baby will too.


ModernMom said...

Aww already the baby is flexing it's power! How wonderful. Glad you got a great peek:) It's amazing the things us women have to go through. Thanks for sharing your story today!

Lynsey said...

Ummmm, neither mom nor you told me of this awkward doc visit!?! I laughed out loud when I read this...