Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Most Beautiful Girl

Some pictures of my precious Peyton.  Sorry, I just can't resist.

When I saw this, I said to the sono lady, "You are going to think I'm crazy, but I can totally see my son in this picture!"  She laughed and told me a lot of moms say that sort of thing. But for reals, she looks like her brother.

I see you!  You should be able to see her eyes,bridge of her nose and the palate bone (mouth).

Curled up in a ball, and occasionally with her feet in her face, is how she spent 90% of the appointment.  She's snug as a little baby bug in a rug.  In this picture you should see the side of her head in the top left corner, her right arm curled up with her fist covering her face.  Her little legs are also curled up and her feet are crossed.

After this appointment, I was given the all clear and told everything is looking perfectly average.  Phew!

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mom said...

OK, I totally see baby P in the first picture and I think she looks like you! However, those other 2 pictures are very difficult for me to decifer (even with my glasses and looking REAL close). She could be anything from my perspective. I'm just so glad she's progressing as expected and beyond being measured as compared to food items.