Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter? Really?

Easter was unseasonably warm this year.  In fact, the three of us came away from the weekend with sunkissed faces from spending our weekend alfresco.


On Saturday we had a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt, followed by a Bar-B-Que.  There were two moon bounces, games and sidewalk chalk.  Parker loves games be it board games, race games, or puzzles.  He is clearly geared up and ready to hop to the finish.  He came in first/second.  He is a hopping prodigy, clearly.


There was a basket full of candy waiting for Parker Easter morning. We kept the hiding of the basket tradition alive.  This is actually Parker's first Easter basket ever.  We dined on grilled kabobs that night for dinner, just like they did in the biblical days- er something.

This is Easter Sunday AT THE BEACH! 

Old man and the P