Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dinner and A Show

Around Easter weekend I posted a blog about a Vanilla Ice concert my parents took us to on Easter Sunday. I guess after reading it my mom thought a little payback, disguised as a fun activity, was in order. 

About a week before Mother's Day I got a call from my Ma.  It seems after reading the Vanilla Ice post, she felt a little payback was in order.  She was calling to inform me that in conjunction with our trip to her house to celebrate Mama's Day, Barney would be at the local Civic Center celebrating his birthday bash.  She wanted to know if I wanted to take the Pman to see the show.

Honestly, no.  I have come to terms with Yo Gabba Gabba and even downloaded some of their songs to my ipod for P.  I can handle Dora, although she does fill me with an unnatural annoyance.  I have a deep seeded and perfectly reasonable hatred for all things Barney.
I see him as my Nemesis, actually.
When I was a teenager I did a TON of babysitting.  I watched more Barney than any other teenager in the tristate area- a fact I am not proud of.  His high pitched sing song voice and overly emotional kids on the show irritate me no end.  Frankly, we don't watch (read: I don't let) that show in our house. I do know though that Parker knows who Barney is, so I conceded. 
"Yes, Mom, get the tickets."
She called me back a bit later that same day to assure me that, "We got good seats!"  Good is a subjective term.
Mother's Day opened with a nice family brunch.  Then after Parker's nap, my mom, dad and I (Josh and my sister both had 'reasons' they couldn't 'join' us for the 'show') headed to the mall for a quick pre-show dinner.  Parker ate McDonalds, I had Subway, dad had mall pizza and mom had Chinese- ah a family coming together.
On the way to the show, I realized I was wearing a Barney colored polo shirt making me look like some kind of Barney-enthusiast. 

As we walked through the doors, I immediately shelled out $15 for a Barney Magic Wand.  Honestly, I did so happily, the alternative toy was a small white light up dildo looking flash light thing.  It was only $10, but really it looked totally inappropriate.
We found our seats, and all things considered, they were excellent seats. 

Barney bounded on stage with his falsetto voice and road crew of overly emotional twenty-somethings posing as kids.  They bounced around the stage and sang while Parker sat- mesmerized.  Other kids danced in the aisle and attempted parade up to the stage while their parents rushed up behind them in a crouching positions.

After the purchase of a $5 helium balloon and a short intermission he broke out of his shell.  His shoes came off and he danced his socked feet all over the aisle.  When Barney told him to jump he jumped.  When Barney said, "What else do you do at a birthday party?"
Parker replied, "EAT CAKE!"

Alas there was no cake.  My dad gave him a devil dog though when we got home.

He loved it (the devil dog and the show).  I cannot wait to take him to another one, although I hope it's not Barney. 

Despite the Purple Invasion, my 3rd Mother's Day was awesome.  Parker made me a cute little thing at school.  Josh helped him make me a "Things I Love About Mommy" construction paper book.  Parker had a great time at the Barney show. 

What else is there?

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I liked it better than Vanilla Ice!