Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Week Out

If all goes as planned (ha!), this time next week I will be kissing my sweet baby girl's face.

So one week out, here is a picture of me in all my pregnantness.

Who needs make-up?
  • My wedding rings don't fit.
  • My hospital bag is packed.
  • Thank God it's flip flop season!
  • Curse all that is good because it is also bathing suit season.
  • Humidity is my enemy and the AC is never cool enough.
  • Food sounds good, but more than a few bites makes me unbelievably uncomfortable.
  • And pressure...oh the intense, constant pressure.  My younger sister, who does not have children of her own yet, asked my mom if by "pressure" did I mean it feels like I always have to drop the kids off in the pool.

Uh- no.

To her, and anyone else who is wondering, for me pressure is more like kegel exercises (look it up, I'm not getting into anatomy on this blog) mixed with a urinary tract infection.


On Parker's birthday we took him to the movies to see the Cars 2.  This is the first time he has been to a movie theatre. 

Between the two of us, honestly, mostly him, we visited the bathroom 5 times through the course of the film.  I can not give you may details of the movie, but I can describe every stall in the ladies bathroom to a T.  Also, I cannot pick Pman up for him to wash his hands at the adult height sinks, so I went through nearly an entire pack of antibacterial hand wipes in lieu of hand washing.

Desperate times...

We were in the theatre long enough for P to spill all of his popcorn on the ground though- bonus!

After the movie, he wanted to ride the "rides" (read: those cheapo quarter rides you generally find outside of Kmart stores that just bob up and down or shift herky jerky style from left to right.)  Then he got mint ice cream with gummi bears mixed in- ick. 

Between the movie and the quarter rides and gummi mint ice cream, which do you think he liked best?

If you guess movie, you obviously do not have a three year old.


lynsey said...

"pressure is more like kegel exercises (look it up, I'm not getting into anatomy on this blog) mixed with a urinary tract infection." eeek I'd rather it feel like a pending dump :/ hang in there she's almost heeerrreee!!!

And what kinda mom are you!?! gummi bears are the WORST topping on ice cream- they get all hard and whatnot... you need to introduce him to the joys of the oreo topping. I'd say that's a battle worth picking as a good parent. LOL but, if you like, I suppose I can tackle that as the (favorite) aunt :)

lynsey said...

btw, you look amazing hot mama :)

mom said...

Message to Lynsey: Mimi and Pop Pop got him that ice cream and that is what he requested. I tried suggesting chocolate chips because they go oh so well with mint ice cream, but he could not be swayed. I think his motive was that no one would bother him for a bite. He did enjoy it however. Unlike Nikki and Parker, we did not go to the bathroom 5 times, so we were able to see all of Cars 2. Lucky us!