Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet, Inside and Out

Parker has some hobbies or traits that are so typical boy.  For example, he loves to pick up bugs.  He did not learn this from me, the person he is with more than any other.  Instead, it just seems to come natural- if there is a bug on the ground, it will end up in his hand. This is how he got stung by a bee for the first time.  He tried to pick it up from a flower.

He seeks out worms, which he still calls jolly happy souls.  We are not really sure where that came from, the best we can figure is he got the lphrase from the "Frosty the Snowman" song, but how and why he has connected that to worms is beyond us.  He even has a net he carries around the front yard to trap and contain any JHS he finds.

We recently, and accidentally, found a bevy of baby fart video's on and I tell you few things thrill him more than watching babies fart.

Parker's latest favored pastime seems to be sticking things in holes.  Mainly the holes in his face.  Impressively he can get about a third of a granola bar in his nose.  Thankfully, he is also an efficient nose blower, although I'm sure a few rice grains and such slipped down the back of his throat.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from school, I was helping him put on his shoes when I noticed dark...stuff that looked like dried blood...pouring out of his ears.  I have terrible ears and have had burst ear drums in the past.  My mind(and heart)  immediately went into panic mode.  His ear drums burst!

But wait, he is still smiling and asking if we can get a slurpee on the way home.  Not what I would expect from someone in pain, even P.  The teachers and I tried to do some quick troubleshooting, which concluded with me picking up P and telling them I was going to call the doc and that I would be in touch.

We got to the car, I buckled him in and stuck my pinky in his ear, swiped some of the stuff and then smelled my finger- you mom's understand, otherwise I know that is totally gross. 



Oh right, I made him some trail mix and put it in his lunch.  The trailmix contained about a tablespoon of chocolate chips.

I dashed back into the school told the teachers about my findings.  We chuckled. 

Back in the car I started wondering how far and how many chips he shoved in his ear canal.  He was mum about the whole thing, so I called his doctor, who was about the close for the day, but told me to swing by just in case.

We concluded after 10 Q-Tips that he likely stuck 2 chips in his right ear and 1 in his left.  Nothing went in far enought to do any damage.  We also concluded this is just the beginning. 

Peyton, I will do my best to keep your nose and ears out of your brother's reach.  You are on your own in the jolly happy soul department.

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ModernMom said...

Bwhaha Oh I am sorry, but your story gave me a giggle. Thank GOODNESS it was chocolate!