Friday, December 23, 2011

Mom of the Year...?

Some babies take about 2 naps a day.  One in the morning, usually about two hours after they wake up and another one some time in the afternoon or evening- maybe even two in the afternoon or evening.

I am not a mommy who likes to cater to these morning naps. There are enough things I introduce to my baby knowing that I will be taking them away at some point- bottles, breastfeeding, cribs, pureed carrots. 

We mommies fight and work and cry in an effort to get our babies used to bottles.  Then we are told to take them away at around 12-18 months, sending us back into the tug of war between the object and our babe.

So morning naps, you will have no hold over me- unless it works out to my advantage.

Let me be clear, if we are home and SBG needs a nap at 10a.m. I will put her in her crib and let her sleep it out.  However, if we are already out and I need to go to the grocery store I am not above giving her a bottle in the car, strapping her in the Bjorn and rolling through aisles 1-20 at my local market.

The pay off is SBG can sleep through almost anything and anywhere.

When Pman was a baby I would let him catch a cat nap in my arms while I sipped coffee then we would head off to the gym when he woke up- very similar.

Today, I am home with the kiddos and we did not have anything planned, so SBG took a morning nap in her crib and Pman asked if we could make Christmas cupcakes.  "Why yes indeedy my little sweetie."

In a series of events truly not blogworthy, P ended up throwing a fit about something so insignificant that I can barely remember how it started.

He started sobbing.

I calmly told him the thing he was upset about was not worth the tears.  "Go sit down." I said , "settle down and come back and tell me when you need."

More tears.  More high pitched wails.

I said, "Parker either calm down and stop crying or maybe you should go take a nap."


He grabbed his elephant off the couch and headed upstairs.  When I asked him where he was going he told me he was going to take a nap.

AND HE DID! He put himself down for a nap at 10:45, more than 2 hours before his normal nap time.

WILLINGLY!  He slept for nearly and hour.

This means either I am damn good at this mother thing or Parker would rather take a nap then talk to and hang out with me.

Merry Christmas?...


lynsey said...

Haahhaha he is hilarious!

mom said...

I can't imagine he wouldn't want to hang with you since you are his best friend!